10 Instagrammable Tourist Places in Manali to Enrich Your Profile

Visiting a place or going on a vacation is not only to enjoy the beautiful places but is also to add some Instagram posts. This means where ever we go during our tour we click pictures over there and post. Some people also go live to view the real-time scenario so that they can confirm where they are. For the model, influencers, and travel bloggers, finding instragammable places is quite difficult. But here we have brought you the best Manali tourist places that will be instragrammable. Let us go through those places, which are also part of the Shimla Manali Tour packages.

Click Worthy Manali Tourist Places

Manali Gompa

Manali Gompa is a beautiful place near Manali and is situated in the Old Manali Road. This is one of the best landmarks of Manali and is built in Tibetan style that perfectly depicts Tibetan architecture. The entire area is a great example of Tibetan art and Buddhism learnings. There are several handicrafts and the main building has a pagoda roof. The arts drawn over here depict the colors of Buddhism. If you plan to visit this beautiful religious site, then make sure to visit from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. This is the only opening time for the tourist and also avoid the Sundays.

Bhrigu Lake

This place is situated in the Pir Panjal Range and is at 4000 m altitude. This lake situated at such a great altitude needs trekking to view it. You need to reach the destination by trekking. And there are numerous people who go to the destination along with enjoying the beautiful scene of the Pir Panjal range. This lake situated at the top is surrounded by the white snow-covered mountains. And very close to the lake you will witness the meadows and the evergreen forest. In imagination, this seems to be just a place that is seen in fairy tales. But this one is real.

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is located 51 km away from the Manali and lies on the Leh to Manali Highway. This beautiful place lies at an altitude of 4000 km from sea level and this is what makes the climate harsh over here. You can find snow all around the year over here. Also, Rohtang opens only for seven months a year because in the winter the place becomes extremely full of snow that can be dangerous. But the sightseeing this place is not less than heaven. It is also famous for trekking, mountain biking, and ice climbing.

Solang Valley

Solang valley is at a distance of 14 km from Manali and is located at an altitude of 8000 feet. This valley is in the lap of the Himalayan range. The place properly depicts the beautiful scenario of the Himalayan range. The Solang valley is famous for adventurous activities such as skiing, zorbing, trekking, etc. Also, in case you miss the trek of Rohtang because of its closure then Solang Valley is the best alternative. So, visit the place to have some amazing pictures in the snow and post them.

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Devi temple is dedicated to the goddess Hadimba who was mentioned in the Mahabharat as the wife of the Bhima. This temple is situated in the Old Manali. Basically, it is in the forest named Dhungari which lies on the way to Old Manali. This temple is built in Tibetan Pagoda style. The whole area is surrounded by Cedar trees that make the area more beautiful and fascinating. You can show the nearby pilgrims and the major temple in your Instagram profile.

Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass is approximately 15 km away from Manali Town and at an elevation of 4000 m. This pass is the most famous trekking destination in the entire Manali because of the difficulty level of this trekking route. Trekking through this route will provide you with a mesmerizing experience and beautiful views of the Lahaul and the Kullu Valley. The other major attraction located in this place is the Chandratal Lake that lies in the same Pir Panjal range. There are several agencies or instructors to guide you for the trekking in this Pass.


Kothi is 15 km away from Manali town and can be reached through normal public vehicles. This place is at an altitude of 2500 m and on the Spiti Highway. This area is generally used as the base camp for you if you are planning to go to the Rohtang Pass. Kothi has a very famous temple of goddess Shuwang Chandika. Trekkers often take the blessings from the goddess and begin their journey. This place in the foothills of the Rohtang pass is also famous for sightseeing. You can observe the beautiful mountain peaks covered with snow caps.


This village is situated at a distance of 20 km from the Manali town and is one of the prominent villages in the surrounding. Gulaba village gives you chance to unleash an entirely new culture. During the festival seasons, the cultures and traditions can be witnessed at a good scale. Apart from cultural practices, this place is even much more attractive during the winter season. The winter lovers must discover Gulaba because it has some of the best snowfall areas. Also, it witnesses the snowfall early than any other region. The other very best thing is that this place is away from all kinds of pollutions and crowds.

Naggar Castle

Naggar Castle is situated in the Naggar Town of the Kullu Valley in Manali. This was the castle that was built in the 15th century by king Raja Sidh Singh. The castle is majorly made up of wood. Hence the wooden beauty of the castle makes it look more beautiful. This seems to be an antique piece that cannot be compared to any giant bricks forts. This castle has now been converted into a heritage hotel by the respective governmental body. The best thing here to show in your feed is the royalness of the castle. You can also show the lovely, royal, and ethnic food over here to those who follow you.

Chandrakhani Pass

Chandrakhani Pass is almost 21 km from main Manali Town. This pass is well known for sightseeing. The place gives you the best view of Manali town and also the best pictures. The background for the pictures in this place seems totally mesmerizing and even unreal. The other major peaks and places that you can witness here are Pir Pranjal and the Dev Valleys. Deo Tibba is one of the best- observed things here. The place is the first choice for the photographers because of is rich in scenic beauty. Also, you can pose in front of the high peaks to get something best for Instagram.


Therefore, these were the most fascinating places to visit near Manali. These Manali tourist places are just the perfect ones to put on your Instagram and make your audience more engaging. So, while planning the itinerary of opting for the Shimla Manali tour packages add these places too. You can book your Shimla Manali packages with Roaming routes best travel agency providing Indian and foreign tours.