5 Awesome things to visit in Manali, 2021

Manali is a common choice whether you are on a solo trip, on a family tour or with your soulmate. The unparalleled beauty of the Manali and its surroundings never fails to fascinate you. A paradise for the wandering heart, this place also houses some cultural, historical and spiritual gems of India. You can experience the best taste of hospitality in Manali that too in a budget-friendly manner. In this article, we have listed the top 5 awesome things to visit in Manali that will delight every traveller. The places we have mentioned here are always buzzing with tourists and you should make all these places part of your travel itinerary. At this time it is very important that we take care of the pandemic and hence it becomes necessary that you are aware of the COVID-19 guidelines in order to make your journey safe and enjoyable.

Manu Temple – It is a gorgeous temple devoted to Sage Manu and is located in the mesmerizing Manali valley in Himachal Pradesh. The topographical features of Manu Temple are very inviting and attract trekkers and hikers all over the world. People who want to seek peace and spiritually enlightenment come to this divine place. The temple is built in pagoda style of architecture which is the prominent feature of most of the shrines in Himachal Pradesh. The tiered tower and the diminishing wooden roof gives a distinct appeal to the overall appearance of the temple. The path towards the temple is considered narrow and some travellers find it difficult to ascend but with proper care, the same becomes a hassle-free experience. The best time to visit Manu Temple is between April and June as the weather is pleasant. For a spiritual as well as thrilling experience you should add Manu Temple to your Manali holiday package.

Van Vihar National Park – Another beautiful natural destination in Manali that you should visit in 2021 is Van Vihar National Park. The park is adorned with many sky touching deodar trees that enhance its beauty. The most admired feature of the Van Vihar National Park is a man-made lake with crystal clear water, the same is open for boating activities. You can hire a self-operated or a manually operated boat. The diverse avifauna and variety of trees in the park make it a perfect picnic spot for adults as well as children. In the entire park at some specific locations wooden and concrete benches have been installed so that one can rest under the shade of dense trees. Some dedicated treks are also made in the park for the purpose of strolling or jogging. The Van Vihar National Park is a good escape from the scorching heat into the comforting laps of nature. However the charm of this park can be experienced throughout the year but for a hassle-free experience you can visit the park between March and June.

Old Manali – The town of Old Manali is nestled at a height of about 6589 feet above sea level. This is a quiet settlement that is dotted with apple orchards. The Manalsu River divides the Old Manali from New Manali. The Old Manali is comparatively less crowded than New Manali and is less spoiled as well. The gently winding roads, swaying eucalyptus, gushing waters of the Kullu River and majestic hills make this destination a perfect natural retreat. You can delight your taste senses with the delicious continental food offered here at low prices. The local market of Old Manali is also good for shopping purposes where you can buy some knick-knacks and souvenirs to make your journey memorable. The views of sunrise and sunsets feel chivalrous from the Old Manali. If you happen to visit Old Manali the places you should not miss give a visit to are Jogini Falls, Vashisht Temple, and Naggar Castle.

Mall Road – This attractive tourist place is the heart of Manali. The best part of Mall Road in Manali is street shopping. A lot of emporiums and shops are available on Mall Road and if you have got good bargaining skills then this place is for you. You can buy any exquisite souvenirs like Tibetan Style Handicrafts, Shawls, Tibetan jewellery, tweed jackets. Bustled with heaps of activities, this place can keep you occupied all day. Once you are here you might think to spend some more time here. There are many restaurants, cafes, and dhabas on which you can rely for some delicious food experience. Travellers can start their Manali tour from Mall Road by taking blessings from Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple. A perfect blend of architectural flavour and vibrant tones the Mall Road has so many buildings that you can capture in your camera. Other famous places near the Mall Road are New NAC Market, Thai Market, Hong Kong Market, Shangri La Shopping Complex, Dragon Shopping Complex, and Snow Lion Underground Market.

Manali Sanctuary – Your Manali tour might feel incomplete without having a visit to Manali Sanctuary which is an astounding and impressive wildlife sanctuary in the Himachal Pradesh region. This place harbours rich flora and fauna for an unusual biological diversity. You can spot a variety of birds, reptiles, animals and mammals. There is a range of activities that you can experience and review at the Manali Sanctuary options that will fascinate the adventurous and fun-loving soul. You can enjoy trekking, camping, sightseeing and birdwatching. Apart from this, travellers also get a glimpse of snow-capped mountains, the alpine trees and the picturesque beauty of the surroundings. It won’t be wrong to call Manali Sanctuary a paradise on Earth at least for wildlife lovers. The best time to visit Manali WIldlife Sanctuary is between October to February due to livelier weather. The sanctuary is located about two kilometres away from Manali hill station and that makes it easy to access.