5 Critical Considerations to Make When Choosing a Data Centre Services Provider

Access to enriching data centres and colocation service providers can help you meet your long-term as well as short-term goals without deploying extra resources for IT based facilities. However, when it comes to the maintenance of infrastructure for the physical data centre, for processes and components such as cooling systems, generators, and cables – it becomes essential that businesses collaborate with experts in the field. This is especially true if your business depends significantly on data centre infrastructure.

As per studies, there has been a significant boom in the country for data centre services and India has become the second-largest market for data centre infrastructure in Asia/Pacific 2015.[1]

In the face of such advancements, we have listed below the 5S’s you should always remember and consider when choosing the best data centre partner. Read on.

  1. Strategic Locations for Data Centre Operations

It would be a smart decision to look for data centre services provider that cover a larger base on strategic grounds to maximise operations like DR solutions and business continuity for value-based outputs. It would also be beneficial because of its proximity to the employees and customers as well as industry partners that have common interests of increasing efficiency and cutting down on risks.

One way to assess this is asking questions about the data centre footprint, elemental characteristics such as energy usage and systems that are used for operations, scalable capacity, the level of uptime provided, etc.

  1. Security Optimization

It is a given that when opting for data centre services, protecting crucial data and access points requires appropriate security measures to be in place. Biometric scans and other advanced applications to ensure data centre security is a critical aspect to consider.

Before finalising on your data centre provider, you should look for the levels of physical security they provide, including CCTV monitoring and 24×7 surveillance, access to authorized logs, retrieving equipment in the face of an emergency etc.

  1. Systems for Supporting Infrastructure

For data centre services to run smoothly, there are power and cooling systems installed to deal with outages and when the systems run hot. Also, the need for backup in case of such instances for data preservation and resuming access from different servers is also a part of the supporting infrastructure.

Detailed analysis of regular power cuts, primetime for excess load, testing of systems and procedure for temperature control are some of the many things to consider.

  1. Standardisation and Compliance

Delivering high quality data centre solutions is the primary aim for all service providers. This means that critical assessment of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), sanctioned audits and valid certifications make or break your choice of service provider. One fantastic way to check for this is understanding their track record.

To know how reliable the data centre services are, you need to analyse their growth, check for regulatory compliances, and processes across different data centre facilities to gain insight about their operational mechanisms and whether they meet the criteria for legalities of the industry to a defined standard.

  1. Software Development & Networks

Data centre solutions that cater to your business requirements in a customized way along with an ecosystem of service providers enhance the customer experience by providing personalized cloud services, internet exchange operations and other strategies that suit your goals. The partnering network of carrier neutral data centres becomes a common resource pool that benefits you in many ways like cost-effective outputs and integrated IT solutions.

These 5Ss of consideration when it comes to choosing data centre services provider help you make a sound decision. According to growth and popularity, a prominent name in the data centres industry and a leading player in the market is undoubtedly STT GDC India.

Located in nine cities with operations in 21 state-of-the-art data hubs in India, STT GDC is significantly making a change in data centre colocation solutions by surpassing client requirements and delivering reliable infrastructure that drives operational excellence. Putting your faith in such exceptional service providers will help you focus on your business goals while allow you to leverage the expertise of industry professionals.