5 Tips of Apex Legends you should definitely know

Do cheats add to the fun of the games or ruin them? Well, the gamers and the internet are divided. While some argue that not all enthusiasts are equally skilled, others state that it takes away from the skills of the talented players.

Apex Legends was launched on February 4, 2019, to much acclaim as a new addition to the ever-popular battle royal market, with players eager to earn the title of Apex Champion as they seek victories. The game is fantastic, but Apex legends cheats are still a thing.

Here are 5 awesome Tips of Apex legends that you should know:

1.   Increased game pace

This tip comes right at the start of a match and isn’t too tricky to master. Before you even reach Kings Canyon, you can obtain a significant speed boost to aid you in the early game. So, right before you land, make sure your characters are as horizontal as possible. If you’ve decided on a spot, prepare to press the slide button as soon as you reach the ground. This will give you a fast burst of speed and allow you to cover more ground off the rip.

2.   Climbing on wall

Wall-climbing and running have previously been speculated as another Titanfall universe feature that could make its way to Apex Legends.

Though Respawn has put an end to any hope of a confirmed Titanfall-like aspect, it is possible to wall-run to some extent. By simply running towards a wall while holding your jump button and looking upwards, you can scale heights up to about 3 or 4 times your character’s height. It’s not an easy mechanic to grasp at first, but with some practice, you’ll find yourself able to scale heights you never thought were possible before.

3.   Finishing moves are a lifesaver

This tip might be a little more luck-based than the others, but it can legitimately benefit.

While finisher moves are typically reserved for claiming another player’s life in style if you time it perfectly when in threat, other players may miss out on an easy kill. Mirage appears to be the best way to pull one of these off, as the clone Legend would create two players. If an opponent attempts to eliminate you by shooting the clone, they will be humiliated and will have missed their chance.

It’s not likely to work 100 percent of the time, but it’s something to keep in mind if you plan on executing a finishing sequence after a firefight.

4.   Recharge your shield for free.

In addition to earning style points for a kill, executing a finisher will help you avoid being eliminated while in the animation. If you have a Legendary-tier Shield and use a finishing move, it will leave you with an entirely charged shield. This may be Respawn’s way of rewarding players who give themselves up as a sitting duck for a finisher, but it will help you in-game.

5.   Drop guide

Learning to move while in the air is just as critical as learning to move on the field. Since your chances in an Apex Legends match always depend on where you land. If you fly straight ahead, you will quickly lose altitude and will fall short of any location more than 750 meters from your launch point. So, how do you keep your pace up over longer distances? So, take advantage of gravity!

Here are some tips on a drop :

  • Maintain a straight path while keeping an eye on your airspeed gauge. As the number falls below 130, dive for a few seconds to accelerate
  • When your speed reaches 140 mph again, you can flatten out and resume flying straight
  • Flying too close to natural or artificial objects, such as rock formations, will cause the landing animation to play because the game assumes you’re near the solid ground
  • Use the free-look feature in flight, or ask your squadmates to do so to keep an eye out for other groups flying toward the same landing area

There are still many factors that go into being an Apex Legends champion, especially having the luck of the RNG on your side with loot. However, learning a few tips and tricks that might even be unfamiliar to the pros may give you an advantage.