5 Ways Classic Rummy Is Making Online Games A Safe Space

With rapid development of the Internet, online gaming has become a way of entertainment for many youngsters. Sadly, cyber security threats have plagued the gaming space and affect at least four out of five gamers, according to the Norton Cyber Report published by IndianExpress.

If reports are to be believed, gamers have lost an average sum of around Rs. 7800 due to cyber threats. How can people then trust gaming apps and websites? Here’s how Classic Rummy, one of the top gaming platforms for online rummy, changed the entire ballgame.

Classic Rummy is a secure platform where people can enjoy different versions of the online game. The platform ensures top-notch security for users and makes it a safe and convenient experience for rummy enthusiasts.

  1. Create Username with Mobile Number or Email

The Norton Special Report has observed that around 41% of Indian online gamers compromise the security of their login credentials by sharing them with friends. On the other hand, 28% of online gamers become victims of malware. The same report also claims that one out of the five Indian online gamers become the victim of a security breach. As a result, confidential login details of the person get stolen.

Classic Rummy offers a secured login system to the users. Instead of a mobile number, one can use an email address as the username for this platform for the rummy game online. You can use the phone number as your username, and it helps you to avail OTP-based login. Retrieving account access will also become easier in such cases.

  1. Secure Payment Gateway

Many online gaming platforms claim to offer secured payment gateways to users. Classic Rummy, a reputed platform for playing Indian Rummy, offers a secure payment gateway to the users. A secured payment gateway brings trust among the gamers, and thus they can store debit or credit card information without worrying. But users must know the signs to recognize a secured payment gateway. Find those essential components of the secured payment gateway in the following section.

  • The secured payment gateway should have an HTTPS-based URL instead of HTTP.
  • Virtual Payer Authentication (VPA) is another crucial payment gateway component.
  • The payment gateway should also follow a 3D secure protocol to render optimum security.

Classic Rummy offers all these facilities on the secured payment gateway of the website. The payment gateway protects your banking information and card details from hacking or phishing through end-to-end encryption.

  1. Secure HTTPS Dashboard

The payment gateway page and the dashboard of the Classic Rummy portal offer robust security through HTTPS secured communication. The HTTPS protocol creates a secured connection by implementing an encrypted link between the server and the browser. Thus, the information does not go into the hands of any third-party users.

This rummy platform ensures top-notch security with the HTTPS dashboard. As a result, your login details will remain safe. Moreover, your account information will get an extra layer of protection due to the presence of HTTPS-based security. The platform ensures 100% data safety and confidentiality to rummy online game enthusiasts. Unless you share login credentials with someone, it is impossible to breach the security of the Classic Rummy portal and access your account information.

  1. Firewalls to Prevent Virus and Malware

Classic Rummy has invested in various security arrangements to make online rummy a seamless experience. Firewall protection is one of such security measures of the website. The firewall creates a robust security shield to determine the potential threat and neutralize it before any security breaches.

Classic Rummy’s advanced firewall protection prevents the Distributed Denial of Service and potential malware attacks. The firewall protection also keeps unwanted traffic away from the portal. Therefore, your confidential banking information will not be exposed to anyone. Distributed Denial of Service brings undesired traffic to a website. As a result, the risk of hacking or phishing increases.

  1. Secure and Updated Server

Classic Rummy uses top-quality servers for data storage, and thus it maintains data safety for the users. The company invests in periodic server maintenance to render seamless performance of the online rummy cash games. Besides fast performance, server maintenance improves the security of the website.

Providing a secure gaming experience to users is a priority for Classic Rummy. Periodic server maintenance helps update the security patches and operating system. As a result, it boosts the security of the data servers. Therefore, it keeps no stones unturned to render the best protection to the users.

Classic Rummy puts in various efforts to ensure optimum security for the users. You can access the web portal through any standard web browser. Alternatively, you can download and install Classic Rummy on your smartphone. To download rummy, you should download the APK file from the official website of Classic Rummy. Playing online rummy is completely safe if you follow the fundamental safety rules of keeping your account information confidential.