7 Facts Everyone Should Know When Choosing Airtel New Broadband Connection

Out of the many Internet Service Providers in India, only a handful has reached a stage where their name is recognized as the best in the field. Airtel is one such company that has come up as the undisputed leader of the telecom industry. Airtel broadband has many benefits which have given it a competitive edge and made it a favorite of the customers everywhere. There are a few facts you should also be aware of so that you may make an informed decision about taking the Airtel’s new broadband connection. Let us see a few of these below:

  • Plans: There are various plans available starting from the Unlimited plan at INR 499 per month with data speed reaching 40 Mbps. The next plan is a Premium plan at INR 799 with 100 Mbps speed, followed by the Entertainment plan at INR 999 providing 200 Mbps speed. The top plans are the Ultra plan at INR 1499 with 300 Mbps speed and the VIP plan at INR 3999 providing 1 Gbps speed.
  • Data Speed: Airtel broadband connection has data speed up to 1 Gbps. The speed is provided to customers who are on the VIP package priced at INR 3999 per month. The Fiber technology used by Airtel provides reliable speeds with very few instances of disconnection.
  • Benefits: The Airtel Internet plans come with additional benefits such as access to premium app subscriptions. These apps include the Airtel Xstream app, Wynk Music app, and Free courses through Shaw Academy subscription. These benefits apply to all plans.
  • Free Airtel Xstream Box: All Airtel Broadband plans come with free Airtel Xstream DTH box which enables Smart TV streaming functions on any television. This is possible due to the inbuilt Chromecast which also works with the voice-controlled remote through Google Assistant. You also get content from premium services such as Amazon Prime etc.
  • Free unlimited calls: The Airtel Broadband connection also comes with a free landline connection. You can make unlimited calls to all Local and STD numbers anytime through this landline.
  • Free Router: A fast Internet connection does not automatically translate to high-speed internet access, since the router may act as a bottleneck. The free router that comes with every Airtel Broadband connection however is optimized to fully support high-speed Internet connection.
  • Unlimited Data: Whether you opt to get the Unlimited plan or the VIP plan, you will get unlimited data. This is important to many users who want to use the internet throughout the month with no data cap. The speed of Airtel connection therefore does not drop since there is no Fair Usage Policy or FUP.

You can also easily manage and monitor your Airtel broadband connection through the Airtel Thanks app. These facts can answer many questions that may be considered by you before you decide which broadband near me will fit my needs. The Airtel broadband connection provides a lot of value for the money that is spent on the broadband connection.