8 Things to Do After a Car Accident

With the ever-rising number of vehicles on the road, the incidences of road accidents have gone up significantly. Traffic congestion, poor road condition, and rash driving are widely blamed for the high number of road mishaps. While there is no alternative to safe driving, having an auto insurance policy can save you from high repair costs. To ensure thorough coverage, opt for a policy that covers damages to third-party as well as your car. You can then largely save yourself from unwarranted car damage costs.

ICICI Lombard car insurance plans offer robust roadside assistance add-on cover. It makes sure that you are not left on your own in case your car breaks down randomly. The cover promises onsite assistance of a technician and towing service if needed.

In case your car meets with an accident, here’s what you must do immediately for a speedy resolution and claim settlement process.

  • Stay put

Do not run away from the accident site. You have a legal obligation to stop at the accident spot. The same rule applies even if it is a minor road accident. If you do not stop, there could be legal proceedings against you. Additionally, stay calm and avoid getting into any arguments with the surrounding crowd.

  • Check for any injury

As your next step, you should first check if you have suffered any injuries. Subsequently, find out if any third-party person was injured. Also, check if their property has been damaged due to the accident. If anybody is injured, try to assess the level of injury. It may help to learn whether any injury to the third party is claimable under third-party car insurance.

  • Seek medical help

If any person on the accident spot sustains minor injuries, administer first aid immediately. Use the basic first aid kit in your car to tend to minor injuries. On the other hand, call an ambulance if someone is seriously injured or does not respond to first aid. More importantly, if you are badly injured, seek immediate medical care.

If needed, you can avail of the roadside assistance cover to start your car or take it to a garage after a minor road accident. However, to enjoy this benefit, you should have purchased roadside assistance cover along with your insurance policy.

  • Inform your insurance company

After tending to the injured persons, proceed by updating your insurance company about the accident details. Call your car insurance company as soon as possible to register a claim. Share all information regarding the damages to your car and third-party damages. Do not give wrong information or mislead the insurance company representatives. Remember, your claim will be rejected if you do so.

  • Lodge an FIR

By informing the police about the accident, you can avoid any legal hassles. Moreover, in cases of third-party car insurance claim settlements, it is mandatory to file a First Information Report (FIR). Also, ask for your copy of the FIR, as you would need to submit it to the insurance company when making a claim.

  • Remember to take photos

Your insurance company will require photos of the damages at the place of the accident. Hence, take pictures of the insured car, third-party damages, and the accident spot. Take clear photos and cover all angles so that the extent of damage is clearly visible. It will make car insurance claim settlement easier and faster.

  • Submit all requisite documents

On reporting the accident, you will have to submit the obligatory documents for filing a claim for third-party car insurance and more. Documents needed include:

  • a copy of your valid driving permit
  • the Police FIR copy
  • car registration certificate copy
  • car insurance papers
  • repair cost estimates

Keep all these documents handy and submit them to your insurer whenever requested for.

  • Give your car for repairs

Before your car goes for repairs, your insurance company will send a surveyor to estimate the cost of car repair work. Thereafter, you can hand over your car to the certified garage network of the insurer. This way, you can avail the cashless claim facility. The insurance company will also arrange for the towing facility for your damaged car.

Or, you can give your car to a non-authorised garage and proceed by filing a claim with your insurance company


Knowing how to deal with car accidents can help you reduce your car repair costs. However, you must have valid car insurance to avail such benefits. Also, as a car owner, you must buy the mandatory third-party car insurance plan. Remember, buying a comprehensive policy instead will cover damages to your car as well. Approach ICICI Lombard to know about various car insurance policy options and their benefits.