Accessorizing Mens outfits: jewelry, shoes, and more

From boardrooms to weddings to cocktail parties, the suit for men is a classic formal wear that can be adapted for different occasions. At times, after pulling off every shirt and tie combo you have with your suit, your look can become slightly repetitive and boring. 

To avoid boredom from setting into your style, we tell you how to accessorize a suit for men and make your look dapper. There’s more to styling a suit for men than just wearing watches and belts. This quick guide will help you pull off every accessory with your suit in style.

  • A pocket square: If you’re wearing a single-colored suit, add color to your look with a colorful pocket square. Your pocket square should complement your tie, not match it. You can experiment with bold patterns, bright colors, and even unique designs to keep your look inventive. But if bright colors aren’t your style, you can reform your pocket square by folding it into a different shape and keeping the color scheme neutral.
  • A seasonal scarf: Scarves are a great way to accessorize your formal look, especially during winter and autumn. But if you still wish to carry this trend during the summer, you can opt for scarves made from thin fabric and choose different colors and designs to keep your look peppy but also in sync with the occasion.
  • An elegant timepiece: A watch is perhaps the most common accessory for your formal look. It is better to stick to the classics rather than opt for digital versions, which will tone down your formal look. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your watch, just opt for a good design and a neutral color that can match your suit.
  • Colourful socks: Of course, you will be wearing suits in neutral colors such as black, white, grey, navy, and maroon, but to add a pop of color, a pair of colorful socks will do. While these colorful socks won’t stand out much, they will definitely spruce up your look a bit.
  • Add patterns: If you’re wearing a plain suit, you can’t go wrong by adding some drama to your look. In this case, you can wear a shirt or a tie with different patterns, which will keep your otherwise simple look ‘peppy’. Whether you choose floral or geometric patterns doesn’t matter; just keep it toned down.
  • Statement shoes: A pair of statement shoes can easily take your formal style up a notch. If you want to go bold with your shoes, such as experimenting with bright colors or prints, you must wear a simple suit to keep the balance.
  • Necklace: A simple metallic chain is a great and low-key way to accessorize your suit. Depending on the occasion, you can keep your chain simple or dress it up with edgier styles, such as adding a pendant with a dog tag for an evening look.

Other than these accessories, a clip or a tie bar and cufflinks are also great ways to accessorize a suit for men.