Akshay Kumar breakdowns the silence in Bollywood – There is a drug problem in Bollywood but, not everybody takes it: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar on suhank singh rajput case shared a video message on social media at Saturday for his fans.. He same that there’s a drug drawback in movie industry, however not most are concerned in it. Sushant Singh Hindu same that a lot of that several issues have arisen since his death and it’s caused a lot of grief to their fans.

Drugs square measure a legal issue. Some folks don’t have an accurate opinion on this trade. I hope they are available to the proper call shortly. i do know each celebrity can collaborate. for a few reason I urge you to not verify the complete trade with a negative outlook. this is often wrong, “Akshay Kumar same within the video.” Akshay Kumar says he believes in media power, However, that sensitive news will ruin one’s entire career, and asked to affect it during a sensitive manner. i need to mention one thing for several days .. Akshay reveals his fascination therein video that he doesn’t recognize World Health Organization to mention .. what to mention.

Narcotics management Bureau officers square measure already conscious of four heroines within the medicine case. The medicine angle came to lightweight once Sushant died. With that, NCB officers square measure propulsion the strings and also the curves of all industries square measure moving. NCB officers have already in remission Emperor Rhea. movie industry heroines light whereas mourning her
The names of Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh are leaked to the NCB. The NCB officers continued to analyze while not going away even if the heroines at the trial same that they had nothing to try and do with the medicine. Recently, there are numerous criticisms on movie industry. Star hero Akshay Kumar responded during this context.