AktienPros Review- Top online Trading brokers for cheap trading [2022]

AktienPros rings among the best trading brokers, but it has formed a secluded and exclusive preview for itself on the basis of it low commissions, tight spreads, pocket-friendly and flexible account types.

Pros and Cons


AktienPros has:

  • A $0 minimum deposit for its beginner accounts.
  • Multiple trading platforms including MT4, MT5, In-web trading platform and desktop application.
  • 24/5 customer support
  • Tight spreads and commission for majority of its tradable CFDs product.


  • $250 minimum deposit on some account types is relatively high.
  • Its Cryptocurrency CFDs commission is high.

AktienPros provides free trading.

Trading some AktienPros financial assets like Online stocks and other CFDs product except Cryptocurrencies is Commission-free and users can withdraw, deposit, and trade all, completely free of commission.

AktienPros supports free account and different discount accounts types.

AktienPros has four trading account types with different features, charges, discounts and trading opportunities.

  • Beginner Account
  • Level II Account
  • Professional Account
  • Expert Traders Account

Beginners Account: Has a $0 minimum deposit and commission-free trading for all CFDs except cryptocurrency.

Beginners account subscribers, however, cannot access AktienPros’s complete CFD arsenals and would have to limit themselves to the tradable items.

PS: Beginner account tradable financial instruments is still 80% of AktienPros total trading volume.

The rest of the accounts types has an average of $50+ minimum deposit and only trading stocks and some ETFs will attract zero commissions in the three non-beginner accounts.

However, these accounts have their special trading incentives.

Deposits and Withdrawals are also free for all accounts, but AktienPros financial partners might charge individual withdrawal fees outside of the trading broker’s control.

AktienPros non-Beginners accounts also have tight spreads that are quite competitive compared to other brokers.

AktienPros offers multiple Trading platforms

AktienPros has numerous Trading platforms which has both web and mobile applications. AktienPros can trade on MT4 and MT5.

The trading platform offers:

  • Numerous Indicators and signals
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple open-position possibility.
  • Widows, IOS, and Androids compatibility.

AktienPros provides responsive customer support

AktienPros customer support are there to help traders get through any struggle. Its customer support can be contacted via email and phone call.

AktienPros also use live chat on their website

Any hidden fees?

Well, as much as brokers name is as cheap a broker as they come it’d be suspicious to claim they don’t charge any fees at all. How else will they be in business?

AktienPros charges:

  • Spreads: Little differences in the ask and bid prices in buying Forex, Indices, Crypto and other financial products CFDs are charged for users trading with the Level II, Professional and Experts Trading accounts.
  • Transaction and Notifications fees: When accountholders perform some transactions such as withdrawal, deposit, or transferring funds or even generating transaction statement of their trading account; AktienPros might deduct a minute amount, relative to the account value and transaction volume, among others.
  • Overnight charges: Keeping a trade position open past the daily closing time for that financial market might attract little charges, because AktienPros will have to commit extra resources towards monitoring open trades after taking inventory and rounding up on the activities of that financial market for that day.

However this charges are usually minute depending on the trading strategy traders opt for.

Is AktienPros right for you?

AktienPros is right for Traders who:

  • Are just getting into online trading and want to minimize their loss.
  • Experts Traders who want to test and further develop their trading skills and techniques.
  • Users who would like technical research-backed support in educating them and training them in building their trading psychology.