Automated Sales Platform Helps Your Business – How?

From identifying a new prospect to reaching out to them and subsequently closing the deal, the sales team often has to juggle several tasks at a time.

Besides all this lies the manual task of finding prospects’ email addresses, sending emails to them, following up on the activity, and keeping track of the status.

Is there a way to make it easy?

Absolutely, yes! And it’s SALES AUTOMATION!

When you enter sales automation, all the time-consuming tasks will be taken care of by your automated system. And you could spend the time saved to be more efficient and productive. Apart from this, it will eliminate human errors.

Build an Email List

Let’s say you have defined your target audience and have clarity about who they are, such as their name and the company they work in. Now, you need their professional or business email list to proceed further.

How do you do that?

Search in their LinkedIn profile? That sounds easy, right? What if they have locked their profile, or you have to search hundreds of thousands of profiles?

This will take all your time.

In such cases, you must deploy email search tools to make your job easy and quick. Tools such as get an accurate result using machine learning and big data algorithms. More than sixty thousand users are using their chrome extension.

You may have to try it by yourself and see if you find this great. First, try their freemium package and then go for the paid packages.

Send Emails and Follow-up with Prospects

For a business to run successfully, it is essential to eliminate repetitive tasks. This applies to the email as well. You don’t type the same welcome email every time a prospect is added to your list; instead, you could automate it using email marketing service providers such as MailChimp, Constant contact, etc.

These tools are for automating your welcome emails and sending follow-up emails in a personalized manner, nurturing your prospects, and doing everything required to convert them into your potential customers.

Manage Your Leads with Ease

With CRMs, you can easily manage all your leads. You will get a complete view of your leads, and it helps to tailor your conversation based on the recent update available on the CRM.

Do you often get calls from the same bank offering you a pre-approved loan even after the fact that you told them you are not interested in your first call itself?

Well, that’s the best example of having a flawed management system for the leads. This is how businesses fail by spending their time on people who will never convert as a customer.

However, when you have an automated system in place, you know about the customer’s journey with you in a few clicks.

Does that make sense to you?

Optimize Sales with Automatically Generated Report

It is essential to keep track of your sales performance every week. It could have been pretty challenging to manually generate a performance report with minute details; however, that’s not the case with the automated sales platform!

You can even generate daily reports and customize the parameters, and it lets you take quick action.

Final Thoughts

Sales automation helps you streamline the critical tasks that were once time-consuming and increase the overall efficiency and outcome.

I hope you find this article insightful.