10 Benefits Of Vajrasana With Right Posture and Vajrasana steps guide

वज्रासन के फायदे - Benefits of Vajrasana in Hindi
वज्रासन के फायदे – Benefits of Vajrasana in Hindi

Details of  Vajrasana in hindi

Vajrasana is an easy one that makes the body moderately strong and healthy. Vajra means very strong. The two Sanskrit words vajra and asana are formed together and it is important to maintain any posture properly. If you are not comfortable doing it on the floor, use the mat or take any regular mat. First you bend your knee, and then see that your knees should be connected and both the ankles should be together. Then slowly, sit on your knees with your legs back, WithWith his own ankle . Place your hands on your thighs – palms downward – and take some deep breaths, and exhale slowly. Your head should be straight, and your waist too straight.

Duration of Vajrasana – 10 to 8 minutes

Body weight – weights and arms

Benefits – Stomach and waist

vajrasana tips and benifits

How to do vajrasana steps in hindi right manner

  1. Bend your knees and hold them together and sit.
  2. Place it on both hands.
  3. Keep fingers closed.
  4. Keep the spine and neck straight.
  5. Place the palms above the knees.
  6. Relax and close your eyes.
  7. Be mindful of physical balance and breathing.
  8. Do not allow the body to move forward or backward.
  9. Practice this and especially immediately after meals.
  10. During this period, breathe through the abdomen.

Precautions should be taken while doing Vajraasana

  1. If you have recently suffered knee injuries do not make this Vajrasana 

  2. If you always have pain in your knees Do not make this easy, You can also try these knee braces for relieving pain

  3. if you have severe disease of knees or ankles

  4. If you are a pregnant woman, do not make this Vajraasana  Do not make this easy

  5. If you have a spinal problem

vajrasana all benifits
vajrasana all benifits

All Benefits Of Vajrasana -Vajrasana Benefits in hindi

There are many advantages to performing Vajrasana, some of them are as follows.

  1. Vajrasana helps in curing stomach diseases.

  2. Vajrasana keeps the mind calm and focused

  3. Regular practice of Vajrasana strengthens the lower back

  4. Vajrasana increases blood circulation

  5. Reduce fat in your abdominal area with regular practice of Vajrasana

Scientific fact of vajrasana

Vajrasana activates the pulse, which promotes good digestion, it also keeps your liver fine. Among its many benefits, it helps relieve sciatica, nerve issues and indigestion conditions. The state of Vajrasana is such that it impedes the flow of blood in the lower part of your body

Tips for making Vajrasana benefits

1.Vajrasana is the asana which exposes Shakti.

2. While doing Vajrasana posture properly, it is important to get out of Vajrasana and do it systematically

3. Practice Vajrasana every day.

4. Exercises of Vajrasana benefit your back muscles.

5. Do Vajrasana regularly to thin the stomach.

Disclaimer For Doing Vajrasna 

Please do not attempt to practice them without proper guidance from a trained yoga instructor as these exercises can cause physical disability if done incorrectly.