Best Escape Game Rooms in Sydney

Escape rooms have been around for quite a while now and are known to be intriguing and worth every penny. Read the blog till the end to know about some of the best escape rooms in Sydney that one can go to with his/her friends and family.

Here are the top 3 escape room in Sydney

  1. Expedition Escape Rooms

One of the most exciting places when it comes to escape rooms and the best part about this company is that the adventure begins the very moment you show up to the place as you need to see whether or not you are in the right place.

Once you have found the right way to enter the place, the journey begins. You will meet the game master in the lobby itself and you then will be led in a group of five to the first of the three rooms settings blindfolded.

The first quest begins with the players being stranded in the middle of Outback Australia, lost and trying to find a way out. Rumor has it that the clues can be found simply by looking up to the heavens. The era is pre-internet which makes it even more exciting.

Once you reach the end, the game master will call out your mistakes and the clues that you missed along with the crowning of the MVP.

  1. Cipher Room

The cipher room is based on a traditional espionage mission where you are inside a room and you need to look for clues so you can catch up with agent M within an hour who is hiding somewhere near or in the streets. The creators of this amazing room took their fair share of time before creating their own. You also get walkie-talkies which make sure that the players find it easy to communicate and also ask us whether we need a hint or not from time to time.

Opposed to popular beliefs, some clues are easier to find than others. This is often called the beta version of fox Chicago

and was made to test the mental abilities of an individual till the very end. The second game room is the Cabin and the third one is the Marlowe Hotel. The second venue is host to the terrifying Mr. Pepper’s Toy Shop.

  1. Next Level: Ex Libris

How would you feel if someone took your career as an economist, laid it to waste, and then told you to become the owner of a successful and popular escape room? Sounds awkward, right? Well, not to game masters Daniel Thomason and Aaron Hooper as they did this for themselves.

Although the two self-proclaimed nerds had very little experience when it came to escaping rooms, still they were able to throw every ounce of their creativity onto this amazing escape room. The room begins with a pre-test that lasts a total of 15 minutes and is based on a series of Game of Thrones-based questions. Every team has four members and an iPad is handed over to every team.

This brilliant escape room was specifically designed to be different from other escape rooms. Even if you manage to get out before the 75 minutes, there are tons of other puzzles scattered just outside to make your time worthwhile.

This was the real-life escape room Sydney version. These are the top 3 game room companies that offer a brilliant environment along with tons of great escape rooms so the players can put their physical and mental strength to the test.

You can even look for other escape rooms as well as there are plenty of them in Sydney.