Best Games to enjoy during the lockdown

Best games in lock down

During this lockdown, everything has changed about our daily schedules. Many of us are living dull and drab. We have plenty of free time but do not know how to spend this time. To stay home for a long time is not easy, especially for your kids. But to keep your children safe, it is essential to engage them in indoor activities and games. There are many physical and online games that your child can play while staying home. We have picked some awesome games to play with family members and with your friends. Try your hand out at these fun games to make your lockdown enjoyable and memorable.

Dumb charades

 Dumb charade is the perfect boredom-killer game in this pandemic situation. Make two teams and enact the title of movies, songs, or books to be guessed by your team members. You are not allowed to speak anything. However, you can use your body gestures to make your team get it. If they guess it correctly within time, your team scores a point, the team that scores more wins in the end.

Backyard cricket

If you have a backyard, there are many games that you can play with your family members. Backyard cricket is the king of yard games. This game only needs a bat, a ball, stamps (you can use any household item), and team members. The fun fact is it does not require a team of 12 members. It is as easy as two members can play this game. Set some rules and enjoy this game.

Online games

The online gaming system has become quite popular in COVID-19. People are now seeking thrills through virtual games. You can experience online escape rooms, which are the best way to have fun with your friends and family. You can enjoy a live video experience in these rooms. These rooms are as complex and entertaining as the real ones. Besides this, if you are looking for an online escape room for kids birthdays, browse some best escape rooms and invite your dear and near ones to make your child’s birthday special. There are many other online games out there like PUBG, Ludo Star, and Fortnite to enjoy your quarantine. 

Musical chairs

It seems as music has become an essential part of surviving this lockdown. Make it more entertaining by playing musical chairs: select chairs (one less than participants) and a song. Play music and start walking around a bunch of chairs. Sit immediately when the music stops. The one who remains standing is out of the game. Then remove the chair and continue playing till the one person left. This game is a great choice to enjoy your family time.


With this lockdown, you can learn new skills. Chess is a two-player game of skills and brainstorming. You can also organize a tournament. It is a board game with squares arranged in a grid of 8×8. Use strategies and tactics to checkmate the king of the opponent. You can play this game to make yourself busy in some skillful activity.

Table tennis

Our meal pattern has become quite frequent during the quarantine. Table tennis is a perfect game to make yourself fit and entertained. You can use an empty room to play table tennis. As this game involves jumping and running, it serves you as a workout. You can also play other table games like run around the table, ball around the table, and two-handed table tennis.