Best Practices for Employee Monitoring of Remote Teams

Remote work has become a necessity for modern organizations, allowing employees to work from anywhere at any time. Monitoring remote employees is also required to facilitate businesses tracking employee productivity and accountability. Employee monitoring software enables companies to track employees’ activities and efficiency while securing critical corporate information to improve cyber security.

Remote Team Monitoring Best Practices

Although monitoring software has proven helpful in managing remote employees, it can make employees feel uneasy, and they may define this monitoring as additional job stress. Employees may experience unpleasant surveillance measures if information about monitoring measures is not provided correctly and reasonably. By enabling employees to be productive from any location, proper employee monitoring software can assist businesses in adapting to a long-term remote workforce. In this article, we will look at why you should monitor your employees and the best practices for doing so efficiently and respectfully. Though the practice of monitoring has received some criticism, you must be aware that this type of software has merit. To empower your hybrid workforce, you must follow best practices with employee monitoring software.

Create a Clear Monitoring Policy

Every manager wants to keep their team synchronized and engaged in achieving their goals and meeting deadlines. Employee monitoring software is beneficial for tracking the progress of remote workers, but it is only effective when implemented transparently. Employees with no issues with the employee monitoring system may be concerned about their personal information. By establishing a clear monitoring policy, businesses can easily eliminate this concern. Employee monitoring software, such as CloudDesk, only tracks employees’ activities during work hours, beginning with face verification. On the other hand, employees who need to check private information can take a break from CloudDesk desktop software; on break, CloudDesk does not track activities or take screenshots.

Non-transparent monitoring policies harm company culture and make employees feel watched and distrusted. This may encourage them to leave the company. To avoid employee dissatisfaction, the company can educate employees about the monitoring system and be transparent at all process stages. The company can also establish routine communication about the purpose of monitoring, the monitoring methods and software they use, and the protocols for managing collected data.

Consider establishing an open forum for employees to ask questions and actively provide feedback. It is critical to strike a balance between tracking critical metrics of employee productivity and doing so ethically. There is no substitute for clear communication and consistent transparency, which can go a long way toward ensuring the mission’s success.

Monitor and Track User Activity

Last year’s global pandemic brought about radical change on many levels. It has altered our working environment, enabling new threats and creating new opportunities. Flexible working is the new normal, and monitoring software can help employees and employers find solutions. Employee monitoring software, such as CloudDesk, allows for continuous monitoring of remote computers and gives businesses complete visibility into employees’ actions with sensitive data and their overall performance. The software also keeps track of active and idle time, on-screen activity, opened folders and files, and other information. With such data, you’ll be able to clearly establish the context of any action and easily measure each employee’s productivity level.

Cybersecurity concerns are amplified during a global pandemic in a hybrid work environment. According to various surveys, most businesses have sacrificed their cybersecurity capabilities to enable remote work. It is time for organizations to refocus their attention on this critical issue because the cost of a cybersecurity incident or a data breach is extremely high, with potentially disastrous consequences. Furthermore, damage to the organization’s reputation can lead to the company’s demise. Scammers are increasingly targeting remote workers, posing a risk to data security. Using this software can assist you in detecting any potential threat from inside and outside the organization. Both on-site and remote employees pose significant security risks. On the other hand, administrators can monitor employees and address these concerns through monitoring initiatives such as constant screenshots and records of visited sites to prevent security breaches.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software 

CloudDesk is a global remote employee monitoring tool that monitors employees effectively. It captures random screenshots of what users see on their screens and saves the data in the cloud dashboard for later use. Aside from taking a random screenshot, CloudDesk offers a variety of features for your business to improve monitoring efficiency while respecting user privacy. Finally, we can say that CloudDesk is a one-of-a-kind internal surveillance system with features that keep employees productive while providing a tremendous data-driven result for the company. If you are looking for employee monitoring software, it’s worth trying CloudDesk. Try CloudDesk free for 14 days.