Best Shoes for Men for Every Occasion

  • In the U.S, every man has at least five pairs of shoes which shoes there’s a style for every occasion.

Whether you’re attending a formal event or taking a stroll around the city, it’s important to find the perfect pair of shoes for each activity. Perhaps you’re planning to expand your shoe collection, but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best shoes for men.


One of the ultimate dress shoes for men is brogues. This style is distinctive, thanks to the holes dotted across the shoe. Fun fact: these perforations were added to drain water after crossing swamps in Ireland and Scotland, where these originated.

As a general rule, darker tones are best for formal events while tan is great for casual.

Dress Boot 

While browsing shoes for men, you must consider adding dress boots to your collection. This style gives you height and support as it wraps around your ankles. Dress boots are common in winter as they offer insulation compared to regular dress shoes.


Looking for the best casual shoes for men? Then sneakers are for you.

The beautiful aspect of this style is that it’s versatile, from lace-ups to finding the perfect colorway for your outfit. Decide whether you want a neutral shade or bright colors for a statement.

If you’re interested, browse and shop now to find the ultimate running shoes for men.

Service Boot

Although they look old-fashioned, service boots are excellent for both formal and casual wear. As the name suggests, this style was used in the military and has stood the test of time.

For the best look, choose a leather pair as they’re classic and more durable compared to other options.


Hailing from Scandinavia, loafers have snuck into the mainstream and are perfect if you want a smart-casual style. You’ll notice loafers are low, lace-free, and come in an array of colors to suit your preference.

For instance, you can find loafers in dark green, navy, and beige so there’s something for everyone.

Chukka Boot

Since the 1940s, chukka boots have soared in popularity as they’re minimal. The shoe is made from two panels, has a round toe, and is ankle-high which is perfect for the cooler months.

Chukkas often come as tan or cream suede and offer men a slightly more formal option compared to sneakers. Not sure how to style them? Then pair chukkas with chinos and a polo shirt for a sophisticated ensemble.


Oxfords originally were plain shoes made from leather but have grown more intricate over the coming years. You’ll notice there is more detailing and the open lacing system makes them distingu ishable from a derby.

Plus, the Oxford shoe has a low heel which makes them fantastic for a range of occasions, from formal to office wear.


Monkstraps are a loafer but with no laces, making them formal slip-on. You can choose to have a single, double, or triple strap depending on your preference. In short, this is the classy version of velcro sneakers.

Chelsea Boot

The sleek silhouette of the Chelsea boot justifies its popularity for both formal and casual wear. Aside from completing a suit, these boots work well with jeans and chinos for more low-key occasions.

In terms of material, leather or suede are classic and go fantastically with a range of outfits.

Derby Shoe

If you love the Oxfords but want a more formal style, then the derby shoe is made for you. Note, the derby shoe has an open lacing compared to the Oxford which makes it look more sophisticated.

Grab a pair of black derby shoes when you’re attending official dinners, conferences, and going to a formal event. Brown derby shoes are also popular, especially when they have an embossed pattern.

Boat Shoes

Feeling nautical? Then find a pair of boat shoes, especially if you want a slip-on. Boat shoes work with most outfits and are popular because the leather molds around your foot so there’s no chance of blisters.

Plus, you’ll appreciate the tread pattern on the soles which are anti-slip, perfect for when you’re on board a boat.

Running Shoes

You may have a collection of casual sneakers, but you’ll find these aren’t suitable for running shoes. Many men have embraced athleisure and sport running shoes for when they’re doing errands or enjoying an afternoon with pals.

Before you buy the ultimate pair, it’s important to consider several aspects of the shoe. For instance, the terrain will determine the type of running shoe, whether you want road, trail, or cross-training shoes.

Also, you must decide whether you want more or less cushioning, which comes down to personal preference. Plus, make sure your shoe fits well so there’s no breaking in period. You might also need to consider whether you can add running insoles to your shoes, if you suffer from certain feet problems, so keep it in mind when choosing your new shoes.

Hiking Boot 

Want to find the best walking shoes for men? Then browse hiking boots as they offer the best support while withstanding the elements.

Find a waterproof pair with insulated nylon so they’re comfortable and suitable all year around. If you live in a cold climate, then consider buying a pair of hybrid boots. These are considered “hybrid” because the material is a blend of leather and synthetic.

Know the Best Shoes for Men Today 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know the best shoes for men so you can shop accordingly.

Figure out which occasion you need shoes for as it will determine the style. If you’re after a formal occasion then consider Oxfords, the derby shoe, or the dress boot. Or, on days where you’re low-key, then grab a pair of stylish sneakers or chukkas for an unforgettable ensemble. Happy shopping!

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