Can Civil Discourse Help Weld The Divides of Society

Societies differ on a lot of things. They differ on voting rights, abortion laws, gun laws, and many other differences and norms that govern a society today. It is only normal that a group of people that live in the same geographical location differ on a range of topics. Societal construct demands that these people come together to form a common understanding of what rules they want to govern them, and how they plan on living amongst each other. However, oftentimes it the end result is the opposite of what is intended. Societies, and the people living in them, allow these differences to grow into divides, and then let these divides grow deeper, driving wedges between them. More and more people become less interested in reaching a common consensus, and foundation on which to build a society, and instead begin to latch on to their own beliefs and opinions.


That is what happens when push comes to shove in societies. And unfortunately, we see these divides continue to snowball and grow into something much deeper, and dangerous, than verbal or political disputes. These divides tend to grow into a violent altercation, chaos, riots, and in the worst cases, war. That is why it is imperative and crucial to deal with these divides early on and find solutions to them. Soluti ons in the form of

civil discourse where the people can come together and discuss their issues in a controlled, and managed environment. Where constituents of a community can air out their grievances, pinpoint their pain points, and discuss amongst themselves the proper way to go about solving their problems. It’s only through civil discourse can proper society building take place. Or else, the worse scenarios will end up creeping their ugly face. 


Societies are founded on the notion that people with differences come together to live and co-exist. They are not founded on the basis that the majority, or popular opinion, reign supreme. That is why civil discourse is so essential for people to build a prosperous society. For instance, an issue like abortion rights is a deep-rooted, highly sensitive topic, for many, many people.  There are many ways to go about trying to achieve a middle or common ground on the consensus for abortion rights. However, one method beats out any and all alternatives. And it is that of civil discourse. Through civil discourse, the parties involved can come together, and reach a consensus. And they will do so in a civil way. That is the keyword in all of this -civil. For societies to prosper, people must be civil. Through civility, people can do many things. Air out their grievances, hash out their differences, and solve their problems. 


Civil discourse is the tool to build societies and weld the divides within them. People need to come together or else risk falling apart. Doing that early on guarantees the prosperity of society, and the growth of the individuals within that society as well. 


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