Can I Buy a Display Home?

For any homeowner, finding a new home is supposed to be an exciting time. Unfortunately, shopping for a new house can be a tough process, especially if you’re currently in the middle of selling your current home. With all of the many tasks that need to be accomplished, the idea of picking out new furnishings and designs be daunting. More than anything, you want your family to have all the comforts and conveniences of home from the very beginning. Many first-time homeowners know that feeling. Luckily, a current real estate trend in the United States directly addresses these concerns: the purchase of a display home.

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for a new home, then you’re already familiar with a display home, also called a “show house.” These fully-furnished residences are often the location used by homebuilders to showcase their designs and options. Often the showcase is so beautifully decorated and furnished that potential homeowners will ask “Can I buy the display home?” To the surprise of many buyers, the answer is yes! Here, we will look at the many benefits and advantages of moving into an available display house.

How Display Homes Are Used

In the world of real estate, display homes have been used for decades to attract buyers. As a showcase for design and floor space, there’s no substitute for giving a prospective homebuyer a leisurely walk-thru of a fully furnished home. In addition, a display home is usually furnished in such a way as to demonstrate the versatility of the living space. Many model homes are located in small communities or neighborhoods where the homebuilder or realtor has erected a series of similar structures, allowing the display home to act as office space or for open house events.

Often, the display model is so popular, buyers instantly wonder if they can simply move into that specific home. Display houses for sale have become popular, especially with first-time homeowners and those looking to set up quickly following a lengthy moving process. In those instances, a display house is uniquely furnished to meet all the needs and conveniences of a family looking to feel “at home” without the numerous tasks associated with interior design or utility supplier shopping.

Buying a Display Home

The easiest way to purchase a display home is to simply ask the realtor or homebuilder what options exist for the purchase. Despite the many benefits of moving into a fully furnished house with readymade utilities, there are still be discounts for purchasing the original model structure. However, it’s important to inquire about possible customizations and modifications. While you may be happy with the existing furnishings as they are, you may want to conduct redecorating or remodeling later. Changing out the motif of the home is as simple as swapping out motif items for others that fit your style. However, as is the case with a modular home, there may be larger remodels that you want. For example, an island in the kitchen or a bathtub installation, neither of which come with the house. If you’re planning on these types of home improvements, make sure that the zoning laws and safety inspection guidelines allow for any additions or construction.

With all of your major prerequisites handled, buying a display home is no different than any other residence. Any part of the home buying process, such as the need for a home loan or mortgage, would be the same as any other house. However, the time saved by having a fully furnished house, along with built-in utilities and conveniences, can offer unique comfort and peace of mind to your family. The process of moving can be intimidating, but having a beautiful home ready for your family’s new memories and experiences can make a house feel like home in no time at all.