Coworking Space Mailroom Management: Why Mailroom by PackageX should be your first choice?

Coworking spaces are becoming more popular since they provide a dedicated place for both growing businesses and independent freelancers. They are frequently utilized by unaffiliated firms to support shared working areas.

Despite their numerous advantages, coworking spaces frequently suffer with mail management. In a coworking mailroom, dealing with a large influx of incoming goods and mail can be a challenging undertaking for mailroom administrators.

Employees need to receive their mail within a given schedule. This can be impossible, however, if an efficient process for  coworking space management is not in place. This is where Mailroom by PackageX, can help with mailroom tracking.

Why Mailroom by PackageX is the Best Mailroom Management System for Coworking Spaces?

Mailroom by PackageX is an intelligent program that makes mailroom management effective and seamless by incorporating the latest AI technology. It saves time and money for mailroom managers by speeding up the mail management process. It also offers a more responsive package management mechanism.

The reasons why Mailroom should be your first pick are as follows:

  1. Simple Integration

Mailroom supports a variety of third-party connectors. Employees can choose to get notifications through a variety of apps, including WhatsApp, Teams, and others. They can also select to get notifications by email or SMS.

  1. Outstanding OCR Technology

The software employs the industry’s most advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. It can readily scan labels that are printed or handwritten and otherwise difficult to understand.

Data is automatically logged in the directory after the package is scanned and the recipient is recognized in the directory. As a result, manual data entry is no longer required, the system is more efficient, and errors are reduced.

  1. It Boosts Employee’s Morale

Important mail must be received by corporate personnel as quickly as possible after it arrives at the mailroom. PackageX Mailroom makes sure that Mailroom’s logistical and operational components are as efficient as feasible.

There are no misplaced packages because mail is delivered swiftly to the correct employee. Operators can also scan shipments in bulk using Mailroom.

Mailroom administrators can scan up to 50 shipments at once with this software. This saves time, allowing mailroom employees to focus on other vital responsibilities.

  1. It’s Simple to Understand

It can be difficult to make the switch from a manual to a digital mailroom. Unlike other choices on the market, however, Mailroom is quite simple to use. The mailroom application may be learned in three days by operators.

It also provides users with round-the-clock customer service, with a live customer service team available to address any questions. It comes with a personalized onboarding experience that makes automating mailrooms simple.

  1. A Trustworthy Solution

In mailrooms, lost packages are a major headache. A business might suffer significant losses if crucial mail or packages carrying vital material are missing or damaged. That is why Mailroom assures that all available packages have a complete chain of custody.

Users can also track their packages as soon as they arrive at the mailroom, ensuring that they are always aware of where their package is. This ensures that all mail is delivered safely to its intended recipient.

  1. Automatic Notifications

Employees must continually approach the front desk to inquire about crucial mail updates. Both the mailroom staff and the employee may lose a lot of time as a result of this. Through Mailroom, operators can send image notifications to employees as soon as their shipment arrives in the mailroom.

This notifies them and gives them advance notice of when they should pick it up. Furthermore, by allowing employees to view the condition of the shipment as soon as it arrives, Mailroom staff may quickly address any complaints or queries.

  1. User-friendliness

The convenience that PackageX Mailroom provides is probably the finest use of it. Employees can nominate colleagues or coworkers to pick up packages on their behalf if their schedules conflict. Users at the mailroom can also choose to have the parcel held, transported to a different location, or destroyed.

  1. Parcel Locker Integration

Many coworking spaces use smart package lockers to keep their packages safe. Through Mailroom, parcel locker owners can integrate the app with their manual systems. In this way, Mailroom offers users a fully self-service system that makes data entry easier with the help of an AI-powered app.


In a co-working environment, managing mail is critical. There is sure to be a lot of incoming mail with so many employees working in the same place. Traditional mailrooms are inefficient, making it difficult to design a streamlined mailroom management system.

As a result, implementing a digital solution like Mailroom by PackageX can assist coworking spaces in expertly navigating all of their mail. It ensures that all employees receive safe and timely delivery, as well as saving time and money for mailroom staff.