Explaining Why You Should Go With the Intel EVO

How many apps does it take to crash your laptop?

When a laptop has a weak chipset or low memory, it can’t take on a significant workload. Thankfully, Intel evo certified laptops help solve this problem by offering users the fastest processing speeds. You can run 25 apps and all sorts of other tasks, all without your laptop crashing!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new laptop but aren’t sure exactly where to look, then this article is for you. Do yourself a favor and narrow down your laptop selection by only working with Evo-certified manufacturers.

What does Evo certified mean, and why should you care? Read on to find out.

Intel Evo High Standards

When looking at the different types of laptops available on the market, make sure they’re boasting their Evo badge. Familiarize yourself with what the Evo logo looks like, so you know what to look for.

What is Intel Evo exactly? It’s a set of high standards, but it’s also more than that, and it all began with Project Athena.

What is project Athena? Intel began a new specification just for laptops to hire their standards.

Manufacturers making laptops had to meet these specifications to excel in project Athena. This business model helped do away with the need for users to rely on industry benchmarking tools rather than focusing on getting the best performance and battery life.

Geared to help deliver the best generation of advanced laptops, project Athena was making significant headway. Now it’s expanded into a much broader laptop testing system, also known as a vetting system. This is where the Evo program comes into play.

Performance Criteria

The new Evo certification requires laptops to meet an entirely new set of performance criteria. The criteria include things such as battery life, responsiveness, processing performance, and so much more.

Setting the bar even higher than project Athena did, the Evo certification is a big deal. Intel has found a way to demand the best from manufacturers without sacrificing variety.

Price Points

Considering the vast array of specifications and features that Evo laptops offer, you might assume that they’re expensive–but they don’t have to be.

You can find affordable laptops with Evo certifications as long as you go with the right name brands. For instance, many different Lenovo laptops have low price points but still meet the Evo requirements. We suggest focusing on the features you need, rather than price shopping.

Lightning Fast Connectivity

Have you heard of high-efficiency Wi-Fi, otherwise known as Wi-Fi 6? Planning for the future, Wi-Fi 6 is positioning itself to support advancements in technology.

Similar to standard Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6 will connect you to the internet. The difference is that you’ll be able to take advantage of other technologies that make the connection happen much faster.

For a laptop to qualify as Evo certified, it’ll have to have Wi-Fi 6 capabilities. One of the most significant advantages will be improved network connections, no matter how many devices you’re using.

In the past, the average US household had fewer Wi-Fi devices. Nowadays, with more and more people working from home and going to school from home, it’s normal for houses to have 10 or more Wi-Fi devices.

Wi-Fi 6 understands this challenge and helps mitigate the problem by adding all Wi-Fi devices to a single network. The routers will be able to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously.

The router can also send messages to multiple devices using the same exact broadcast. The Wi-Fi devices under one household will check in with the router and create a workflow that doesn’t impede connectivity. Connections will be stronger than ever before, and devices can demand more data.

Thunderbolt 4 Universal Cable Connectivity

Wi-Fi 6 is the wireless connection you’ll enjoy with an Intel evo platform. As far as wired connections go, you’ll be able to take advantage of a Thunderbolt 4 Universal Cable.

The Intel-certified Thunderbolt 4 Universal Cable makes connectivity straightforward. Laptops will be able to enjoy a crisp and clear signal that’s completely error-free. Having a solid signal is especially important in today’s virtual workplace.

Video conferencing is becoming the norm. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’ll be dropped from an important call just because your laptop isn’t up to speed. Along with the strong signal, you should also check out these video conferencing tips to up your professional game.

Super Smooth Workflow

When you buy a laptop that uses the Evo platform, you’ll be able to change your entire workflow. Instead of struggling to get things open or dealing with crashes, your laptop will give you a productive edge.

Your Evo laptop will be super responsive. That means faster speeds for the tiniest of tasks. Something as simple as opening up a browser tab will take half the time. Switching back and forth between different tabs will also be faster. Each minute you save will help take hours off your entire workweek.

Organize Tabs

Staying focused and organized will also help improve your productivity. You can check out these tips for limiting the number of tabs that allow your laptop to open.

You can also improve your Evo workflow by learning how to do things like syncing your smartphone to your new laptop or enabling a system restore function.

System Restore

What is a system restore? You’ll be able to undo any undesired changes on your new laptop and return to a previous point in time.

Evo system restore functions can help you prevent losing hours of work. Simply go to the Start menu of your laptop and set a restore point.

Instant Wake Feature

Another one of the responsive features is that Evo laptops wake at a moment’s notice. The instant wake feature is beneficial for those who need to complete short bursts of work.

Having to spend one to two minutes waiting for your computer to startup can be a real-time killer. Whereas having an instant wake screen means you get done what you want when you want to do it.

Best Battery Life

You decide to knock out some work at your local coffee shop. Walking inside, you realize it’s super busy, and there aren’t any tables with electrical outlets. Will your laptop have enough juice to get a decent amount of work done?

Intel Evo is definitely the right way to go when you’re looking for a portable, long-lasting laptop. No longer will you have to worry about weak battery lives that run out when you need them the most. For a laptop to earn an Evo certification, it has to have offer top battery performance metrics.

For instance, the battery has to last 9 hours or more, including while running FHD footage. Some of the most powerful laptops out there that don’t have an Evo certification can only last 8 hours.

The added hour of available work time can do wonders for workplace productivity. Not only should the battery be able to last a long time, but these laptops also charge quickly.

Fast Charging Methods

Using fast charging methods, it takes 30 minutes to get 4 hours’ worth of work time with an Evo laptop. One of the ways these batteries last so long and charge so quickly is thanks to co-engineering with support systems.

Integrating the latest technologies, manufacturers can design these laptops for efficiency. Engineers can take advantage of incorporating low-power components, helping the computer optimize each process.

Remember, if you don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of the tech specifics, you can simply look for an Evo badge. See the badge, and you’ll instantly know you’re getting a laptop that can last 9 hours or longer.

Iris X Graphics

Another advantage of going with an Evo laptop is that you’ll be able to enjoy the best high-resolution screen experience. Intel Iris X graphics can deliver an entirely new gaming experience.

Designers and creators will be able to enrich their online experience with the best-integrated graphics. The Iris X graphics can handle 1080p at 60 fps, giving you the best detail.

When you’re watching a video, you can watch it in 8k, and stream it on multiple devices. As far as creating goes, exporting 4K files will be a breeze thanks to the enhanced encoding performance.

No longer will video editing be something that you hope goes well. You’ll be to count on fluency thanks to the integrated approach. Iris X graphics are just the start though, there’s also the plus and Max graphics option.

Iris X Max graphics pair perfectly with the 11th generation Intel core processor. You’ll be able to get top performance abilities, even in the thinnest of laptops.

Choosing Laptops That Work for You

When it’s all said and done, Intel Evo certified laptops upgrade your experience. You’ll be able to enjoy the highest of standards in the world of technology.

So why not begin your search for the perfect Evo laptop today? You can finally start taking advantage of Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, immersive gaming experiences, long battery life, and so much more. Just remember to keep an eye out for the Evo badge logo.

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