Get familiar with the top 5 most common kinds of cryptocurrencies!

When bitcoins were first launched in the market, no one had the idea that they could go so far. It was the first crypto, and there was no rivalry. However, after some years, the new digital currencies started to pop out in the market, and the competition of the cryptocurrency market began to increase. The competitors of bitcoin started to use bitcoin’s blockchain technology to make their digital currencies and platform.

The race of cryptocurrency today is very high, and there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that people are trading at Bitcoin System . Every digital currency has some of its unique features, but the most common characteristics of these digital currencies are decentralized, P2P transfers, cryptographic transfers and blockchain technology. There are mainly two kinds of crypto when we divide them: coins and tokens. Here you will know about the top cryptocurrencies in the market.


The bitcoin is number one digital currency that came in 2009. The creator’s name is unidentified, but people use the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto for the person who invented bitcoin. As of December 2021, more than 18.8 million bitcoins are circulating in the market, and the highest number of bitcoin that can ever be circulated is only 21 million in amount. It relies on blockchain technology for its operations, a high-end public ledger with outstanding security.

The bitcoin miners use the high advance computers to verify the blocks of the crypto transactions, and it helps generate more bitcoin. Once the transaction gets recorded in the blockchain, anyone cannot tamper with it. In recent times, the considerable energy consumption in bitcoin mining has elevated the apprehension about its environmental effects.


It is a blockchain network. However, it is designed in the blockchain, so it wasn’t meant to support cryptocurrency. Instead, it was invested to create, publish, and monetize the application, also known as dApps. On the Ethereum platform, its crypto was created, known as ether.

The market capitalization lies in the number two position, behind bitcoin. Ethereum is usually created by making use of the proof of work system. However, the impressive thing is that there is no limit on the number of Ethereum like bitcoin.


It is a high-end third-generation blockchain that shows itself as the next level player in the world of digital currency. You need to know that the Cardano crypto also has to rely on the PoS, which means proof of stake. There is no need to solve the complex puzzle and use the high amount of electricity for mining. It is the thing that makes this network much more sustainable. The crypto of the Cardano is known as ADA. The primary use of this crypto is to identify the organization process and traceability.


It is a well-known digital currency that joked crypto. It was released in the year 2013. It was a fun meme for bitcoin, which became very famous in 2021. This cryptocurrency gained people’s attention when it got support from the tesla owner Elon Musk. In the year 2019, Elon Musk made a tweet in which he showed a positive view regarding dogecoin, which helped raise the profile of dogecoin.

You should know that dogecoin is very similar to bitcoin, and it also runs on blockchain technology by using the proof of work system. In addition, there is no restriction on the number of coins, which is excellent.


Gavin Wood is the co-founder of the Polka dot, and he is also the co-founder of Ethereum. This crypto came to take blockchain technology’s potential to another level. Blockchain crypto is known as the dot. Moreover, you should know that this crypto works by using two blockchains. The one is a relay network in which all the transactions are permanent, and the other is the parallel network known as Para chains. The thing which makes this crypto different from the other crypto is that its primary mission is to solve the issue of interoperability.

So now you have enough knowledge of the plentiful categories of digital currencies. You have so many options to choose from, and it is up to you which one you select for making profits.