Grapefruit Benefits for Hair & Skin

You must have heard of how amazing grapefruit is for eating. It’s a delicious, huge fruit that is full of tart and sweet juice. But did you know that the benefits of grapefruit also extend to your hair and skin? Apart from grapefruit essential oil benefits, even grapefruit, on its own, can benefit your skin and hair in many ways and we’re going to mention them for you. 

Benefits of Grapefruit for Skin and Hair:

  1. It Gives You Healthy Hair: Simply massage your hair with grapefruit oil in order to promote hair growth. It will leave your hair looking shiny and lustrous. You can also make a DIY hair mask by mixing a few drops of grapefruit essential oil with orange, lemon and sage. Apply the mask on your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes before you wash it off. This will effectively clean your scalp and add bounce to your hair. 
  2. It Controls Dandruff: Grapefruit makes for a great ingredient to get rid of dandruff and promote the growth of healthy hair follicles. Simply add some grapefruit essential oil to your shampoo and use it regularly to get the best results. 
  3. It Makes Your Hair Shiny: Grapefruit juice can help you get rid of product buildup that can take a toll on the protein layer on your hair strands. As grapefruit is rich in vitamins A and C, it helps boost hair growth as well. The citrus in this fruit is known to brighten your hair and bring out natural shine and highlights. Just give your hair a rinse with fresh grapefruit juice and you will definitely see a change. 
  4. It Prevents Hair Thinning: Grapefruit contains vitamin B1 and flavonoids, a phytochemical that helps in improving blood circulation. Applying the grapefruit peel extract on your scalp will help stimulate blood flow to the area. Your hair follicles feed on the nutrients and oxygen that comes from the blood. So when there’s enough blood flow, your hair will, by all means, grow healthy. So, you can rely on grapefruit to make your hair thicker and more voluminous. 
  5. It Brightens Your Skin: Grapefruit is quite an ingredient to include in your skincare routine if you wish to achieve radiant, glowing skin. It is loaded with antioxidants, beta carotene that transforms dull, dehydrated complexion. 
  6. It is Anti-Ageing: As grapefruit is loaded with vitamin A, it works amazingly as an anti-ageing ingredient. Vitamin A can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by softening your skin and boosting collagen production. 
  7. It Deeply Cleanses Your SKin: If you’re someone who suffers from congested, breakout-prone skin, grapefruit is the best ingredient to rely on as it is a natural source of salicylic acid. It works on deeply cleansing the pores on your skin and heals breakouts as well. Basically, grapefruit is quite an ingredient that will dramatically improve your skin’s appearance and texture. If you wish to get your hands on a face cleanser that contains grapefruit extracts, you can try the Pure Sense Rejuvenating
    Grapefruit Face Cleansing Gel. This face cleanser is made with organic ingredients and is free from parabens, sulphates and carcinogens along with being cruelty-free and earth-friendly. It is capable of deeply yet gently cleansing your skin. As it contains vitamin C-rich grapefruit extracts, this face cleanser can boost collagen production in your skin and transform the dull complexion.

Those are all the amazing benefits of grapefruit for your skin and hair. If you’ve not already considered using grapefruit oil, grapefruit essential oil, skincare or hair care products that contain grapefruit extracts yet, then it is time you make that switch!