Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Kurti this EORS 2021

Traditional clothing holds a special place in every single Indian woman’s heart and wardrobe, the latter being painfully incomplete without them. All types of ethnic clothing like sarees, lehengas, shararas, etc., have their unique appeal, but the one thing that sometimes becomes a problem is – they are too heavily embroidered to be helpful in everyday use. Always there to the rescue, women kurtis do the job just right, so whenever you feel like switching it up a bit, wear kurtis!

Keeping in mind the growing demands for women kurtis as they rank high in terms of style and comfort – something every modern-day woman needs, Myntra’s End of Reason Sale women kurtis collection is here with everything you need.

While women kurtis come off as very simple and elegant when worn, they are equally tricky to pick out when shopping. Women kurtis being effortless is one of the main reasons why every detail matters, so when you go on a shopping spree at Myntra’s EORS 2021, here are shopping tips to remember:

  • Fit: Baggy clothes are a very prominent trend amongst the youth, but it’s best to leave that at the sidelines when shopping for kurtis. Kurtis looks the best when they have a slim fit, closely hugging your body. You should pay attention to where the shoulder line sits on your shoulder and whether or not the fabric is accentuating your waist correctly. This should give you the correct size.
  • Fabric: Every single fabric has its unique look that is quite subtle but, at the same time, cannot be ignored. For, e.g., if you want a sophisticated, elegant look, the best fabric to opt for is different silks or silk blends, while cotton goes better with everyday use.
  • Body Type: Like all other clothing items, different kurtis look good on different body types, so it’s best to pay attention to that instead of choosing any at random. For instance, if your body type is skinny, straight cut kurtis will suit you best, whereas those with pear-shaped bodies will flaunt Anarkali style kurtis beautifully.
  • Print/Design: The print or design of your kurti matters as it is essential to make sure your attire is occasion appropriate. Going with simple prints, colour block designs, etc., will be ideal if you are looking for some daily use kurtis or ones with sporty purposes. On the other hand, you should get some heavy embroidered or embellished ones for formal events.
  • Bottomwear: Not all kurtis look good with all types of bottom wear, so keep that in mind while you shop. Consider different traditional pants like patialas, pyjamas, churidars, leggings, palazzos, long skirts and more so that it’s easier to pick out the best option.

Taking into consideration all of these tips, picking out your favourite ones from Myntra’s collection will be a piece of cake. Start shopping! Choose from a range of high-quality women kurtis in vibrant colours and designs that are sure to brighten up your wardrobe.