Home renovation can be hard on your pocket! Easy personal loans to your rescue.

Your home reflects your personality. Ideally, your home is your comfort zone where you can be yourself truly, so it’s important for your home to represent who you are as a person. But  times make you change as a person and these changes need to be accommodated into your home too. Moreover, it is  appropriate to renovate your home once in a while to make sure it lasts longer and meets your changing needs. However, to get quick access to making your dreams about home come true you need to dig into your pockets a lot. There is no need to fret because the key to bringing your dreams into reality is through easy personal loans. A personal loan is a popular option for house renovation because they offer a stress-free loan process when one is required to arrange funds on short notice. Keep reading to find out why taking a Personal Loan for your home renovation is a great alternative:

  • Personal loans being an unsecured loan, you are not expected to pledge any collateral/security to get loans, and thus it requires less documentation. At the same time, owing to the fact that it does not require any security, the banks consider your credit score and transaction history to check for credit dependencies and to analyze your repayment capacity. So it is suggested to check your eligibility before applying for a personal loan.
  • Another great advantage of a personal loan is that you don’t need to specify the purpose of your loan, giving you the liberty to use the loan amount as you wish, especially since most loans have a restriction on the end use. For instance, you cannot avail a business loan or an auto loan to fund your house renovation, which is why a personal loan comes in handy in such situations.
  • Personal loans offer you a loan tenure of up to 60 months which can be useful in case you wish to have a lower EMI. This flexibility in tenure provides added convenience Thus giving you the flexibility for repayment terms.
  • Quick Disbursals: You don’t have to wait for days to get sanctions. In fact, as technology advanced, the banking infrastructure has also adopted these advancements to improve the customer experience. Customers’ preference for spontaneous and instant services has increased, and it is applicable to financial industries as well. As a step towards meeting this demand, many banks like Karnataka Bank offer Online Personal loans with completely digital process and quick disbursals, provided the applicants meet all the necessary eligibility criteria.
  • Banks/lenders give easy access to all the information about your loan, including the status of your loan. You need not depend on anyone or even leave your home to track the status of your loan application, timely alerts about your loan approvals and sanctions are shared through SMS/E-mails. Thus you can easily track the status of the application process.
  • In addition to all these benefits, choosing a personal loan over digging into your savings is an advantageous move since you can leave your savings untouched to rely on for more important emergencies in the future.


Technological innovations paved the path for online personal loans by facilitating banks with the infrastructure to provide loans quickly. There are many banks that offer online loans with special offers. You can apply for a personal loan online, either through the bank’s website or their mobile app. Karnataka Bank also offers Online personal loan through their KBL Mobile Plus App with minimal documentation and quick sanction to fulfill your dreams of revamping your house into an ideal home.