How Do Hospital Pagers Work?

A question often asked by physicians and laymen alike is: “How do hospital pagers actually work?” The answer may surprise you. Once you have a better understanding of how hospital pagers are used, you will understand how they are important to the healthcare industry.

What is a pager?

A pager serves the dual purpose of allowing the patient to have their own direct line of communication with the doctor or hospital and also serves as a tool for doctors and nurses in the medical field. This device is not only used by hospitals but is also used by physicians in private practices and clinics. It makes it possible for the patient to be able to contact their doctor when they are at home or when they are out of town. The system is fairly inexpensive but can be very useful to those who are hospitalised or have limited mobility.

Take and receive calls

Hospital pagers can be used for a variety of purposes. Calls to and from a patient’s home are one of the most common functions of hospital pagers. Many individuals use their home phone as a primary way to contact their physician. When a patient needs to change their medication or consult with a specialist, they will likely dial the hospital pager’s number to find out information. This convenient option not only saves time but also reduces stress while waiting for the right information.

Provide staff members and patients with information about services and procedures

Another purpose of hospital pagers is to provide staff members and patients with information about services and procedures at a local hospital. A staff member can type in the name of a patient, general admission, or even urgent care information. This saves a medical facility valuable time when it comes to answering questions about procedures and services. As well, if a physician has a patient who requires an ambulance ride, the hospital pager can help a nurse know where he or she should go for the necessary information.

In order for a hospital pager to work efficiently, it must provide accurate information. Each database that is stored has been double-checked for accuracy, and any errors are immediately noted. Additionally, each database is monitored regularly for changes and can be updated or corrected at any time.

Although this seems like a simple answer, there are many more details to think about before using a pager system in a medical facility. For instance, not all locations have access to all the same pagers. Some pagers can only be used in certain areas or by certain nurses or other medical personnel.

Disseminate accurate information

Once a nurse or doctor types in the information, the system sends it out. It may be instantly transmitted across several hospitals or medical facilities via a pager or wireless connection. This means that pagers can make life a lot easier for medical staff and can make finding information that much easier for patients as well. When a hospital pager connects to a computer, it can scan a checklist of all the hospitals in the system and alert the appropriate personnel when it has located the information needed by a patient.

Stores contact information 

A medical facility that is using a pager system will want to consider what types of information will need to be on the list. This includes names and contacts for all nurses and doctors. It will also include procedures and tests that have been ordered, duration of stays, all medication levels, and contact information for family and friends. However, this information will not include any personal information about the patient, such as their name or phone number.

How do hospital pagers work? The best part about having a hospital pager in place is that it ensures that every piece of information sent out is accurate. Because many hospitals must handle thousands of calls each day, they often find that they must turn to outside sources in order to find out the information they need. 

Some nurses and doctors will go to online forums or newsgroups in order to try and find out important information. However, these sources are often filled with unrelated posts, which makes it difficult to filter through and find the posts that pertain to the specific hospital or medical care. Using a pager to send out all the pertinent information to all the different people involved can make a big difference in how well a hospital runs. Click here to find out how you can avail your hospital pager.