How Elevations RTC Helps Those Struggling With Substance Abuse

Recognizing that your loved one has substance abuse issues is one of the most critical steps on the road for their recovery. Once you recognize that your loved one has an issue, it is much easier to provide them with the help they need. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to do it all alone. 

Elevations RTC, a residential treatment center located in Syracuse, Utah, has programs that help adolescents ages 13-17.6 in these situations. They understand it can be difficult and are there for support. They understand the impact of this process on someone’s mental health and look to do things the healthiest way possible.

Educate Yourself About The Issue

It can sometimes be evident that your loved one is suffering from a substance abuse problem. Educating yourself about these situations can help you recognize an issue.

Most people forget that issues often go deeper than simply abusing a substance. There are underlying issues that lead to this, and understanding how people get to this position in their life can help you assist them with their fight. 

Educating yourself more about what your loved one is going through will make it easier to have a heart-to-heart conversation about how you can help.

Try Not To Come Across ‘Preachy’

Try not to come across as preachy when discussing substance abuse issues with your loved one.

People do not like to feel like you are talking down to them. You should keep in mind that they are going through the issue, so they don’t need you to tell them what they feel. They already know what they are feeling. 

Tell Your Loved Ones How Their Issues Are Impacting You

Telling them can be a very strategic process. You need to tell your loved ones exactly how their substance abuse issues impact your life, too, in a caring yet firm way. In many cases, this conversation is what they need to help steer their lives in the right direction. 

While many people will stage interventions at home to do this, it is often better to discuss this sort of thing under the guidance of a professional. Because of this, many people will look into programs that offer family therapy like the ones offered by Elevations RTC. Elevations RTC’s programs can help ensure that they undergo this process in a calm and controlled environment.

Listen To What They Have To Say

As mentioned previously, substance issues commonly stem from something very deep down. Often, underlying emotional and physical issues result in a person getting to that point. A person needs to let those issues out there in the open to start the healing process. Someone they trust and care about who genuinely listens to them must be there because this can be a very vulnerable time.

Family therapy is a good option because a professional will walk everybody through the process and ensure that what is said is in a controlled environment with people who genuinely care about the person recovering.

Consider a Residential Treatment Center

It is hard to overcome substance abuse issues alone. Residential treatment centers, like Elevations RTC, can help someone get through these issues with professionals experienced in this field to help them along the way. 

Residential treatment centers offer various programs to help substance abusers heal and get through the process and ensure their families understand the issues and begin to heal. Many family members may end up just as hurt by the issues as the person recovering. 

Elevations RTC will use various programs

to help make this process easier and smoother.

Medical and Psychiatric Care

Withdrawal can be challenging, which is why residential treatment centers like Elevations RTC do their best to ensure that a patient can get through the withdrawal process as efficiently as possible with medical and psychiatric care available if necessary.

Since it is an ongoing battle, the person recovering will have access to this program throughout the recovery process.  


Residential treatment centers have therapists who can help students understand why they suffer from substance abuse issues. Therapy can provide helpful advice to allow students to unpack their concerns and healthily deal with them. They also provide coping techniques to help prevent substance abuse issues in the future.

Family Therapy

Family therapy will allow families to share how substance abuse issues impact them. The family will also learn fundamental techniques to help make life easier for themselves and the recovering addict. 


Eventually, a person will be at the point where they can transition from their residential treatment center to their everyday life either at home or to a step-down transition program. A transition program can help provide additional support transitioning into daily life. They will be able to ensure that long after they have left Elevations RTC, they won’t return to their previous ways.