How to Apply for 4 Wheeler Insurance Online in India

Rapid digital adoption has brought the world at our fingertips. Why be limited to just ordering food, clothing, groceries online! Insurance too has become digitally available for purchase in a matter of few clicks. If you want to get a car insurance policy, you can find a-z information online. You can visit the insurer’s official website or any aggregator’s website to compare plans, understand the claims process, check premium, and learn about the existing customers’ opinion on their policies. And when you have decided which 4 wheeler insurance policy is right for you, all you need to do is make online payment to receive the policy on your email id. Buying car insurance online is a hassle-free process that takes only a few minutes and can be done from anywhere. What’s more – you may also get special discounts from the insurer for buying the insurance policy online.

The process of buying 4 wheeler insurance online is:

Compare the quotes from different insurers depending on whether you want to buy a standalone third-party policy, an own-damage policy or a comprehensive policy. Visit the individual websites instead of the quote comparison websites as all insurers may not be registered on the aggregator websites.

  • Select your insurer

Go through the pre and post-sale services, exclusions, terms and conditions related to the four-wheeler insurance, and do not just go for the cheapest policy. Learn about the claim processing and the time required for claim settlement. The reviews by policyholders would also give you an idea about the quality of service of a particular insurer.

  • Choose the policy based on your requirement

Choose the policy depending on whether you have a brand-new or high-end car, medium-range car, or old or used car. Depending on the condition of your car, you may buy a comprehensive four wheeler insurance

policy or a standalone third-party policy. In case of any doubt, you can call up the helpline number.

  • Fill up the required details

Follow the instructions to fill up the online form and enter your car details such as the make, model, year of purchase, vehicle registration number, and contact details.

  • Set the IDV

IDV or Insured Declared Value is the current market value of your car. IDV decreases with ageing and depreciation due to wear and tear. IDV affects the premium and is the maximum amount that you can claim from your insurer if your car is damaged beyond repair or stolen. So, try to set the IDV to the maximum even if it leads to a higher premium.

  • Select add-on covers

Choose the required add-on covers if you have opted for a comprehensive car insurance policy. They will increase the extent of cover. The popular add-ons are zero depreciation, roadside assistance, No Claim Bonus protector etc. You have to pay an extra premium for these covers.

  • Check premium

You can adjust the important components of four wheeler insurance such as deductibles, IDV, add-ons, etc. and check the effective premium. You can also increase or decrease the variables to get the best price.

  • Personal details

You have to put in your personal details such as name, age, gender, address, contact number, qualification, details regarding previous policies, if any, licence validity, tax payment details, etc., to complete the proposal form.

  • Online payment

Make the payment online after cross-checking the details. GST is applicable and would be as per prevailing rates. Use your preferred mode of payment. Once the payment is successful, the policy is issued immediately, and a copy is sent to your email id.

  • Save a copy

You can save it on your smartphone or take a printout of the car insurance policy and store it as a hard copy.

Follow the above steps while applying for your four wheeler insurance online. As you see, the process is easier and more convenient than the offline method.