How to choose different look for new fashion

In 18th century normal people are not giving much preference to fashion only those people are giving preference to fashion who are rich and they have lots of money.But in 19th century their is change in life style of normal people they giving more preference to fashion as compared to 18th century 

In know days everybody wants to look beautiful and even people who earn little bit they also invest money on look and style 

So basically main point is how to choose different look for new fashion which suits you and which looks give you a more attention as compared to other

In this post we are discussing which looks makes you more beautiful and gorgeous

New fashion looks is basically depend upon your body structure and skin ton, So the first think in your mind for choosing new style is your body structure and your skin ton 

If you are looking new fashion style then you have keep in mind 5 things

      1.Your hair style, hair style is most important for fashion hair style gives you a perfect look

 If your going for saloon for new hair style then one question always   is comes in mind which hair style give me perfect look ,So the answer is choose your hair style according to you face structure like some people have round face some have long face and some small face. You must have choose you hair style which suits your face 


      2.Your upper body clothes like shirt, T-shirts, Tops etc. Its all depend upon on your body structure like some people are healthy, some are thin and some are fatty.

 So if Your body is thin then don’t choose loss clothes you have select only those clothes which fits your body and always keep in mind don’t wear loss clothes 

 If You are little bit fatty then you have to choose always loss clothes

      3. Color of your Clothes.Its depend on your skin ton

If you have dark complex then always choose light colors clothes 

If you have light complex then always choose dark color and little bit light color 

If you skin ton is not dark or nor complex,its in middle range then you can choose both dark and light color clothes 

    4. Lower Body clothes like Pants It also depend upon on your body structure

So Keep in mind if you are thin wear only fit pant or you can choose little bit loss pants and if you fatty then always select Xl Size 

   5. Your Shoos, One of the most important part of fashion but some people not giving much preference. So Don’t ignore it.Its give a final touch in you look and choose your shoos according to your clothes