How To Cure Foot Pain with 8 Effective Tips To Cure Heel Foot Pain

As wondrous as the feet are, there are times when they hurt and we need foot pain relief. Luckily, there are some easy things we can do to put a halt to the foot pain and stop or prevent it become anything more serious. Conditions like diabetes or any issues with blood circulation require extra care, so you should check with your medical doctor before trying any of these solutions. As if you are suffering from edema them the doctor might insist you in getting men’s open toe edema slippers.


Fist we have understand the Causes of foot pain or what type of foot pain you have


type of foot pain


Lifestyle choices

Common medical issues

Heavy weight


Ingrown toenails

Stone bruise

How to cure foot pain


Their many ways to cure foot pain we are going to describe 8 Effective Tips to Cure Foot Pain 




Load Off Your Feet:

A simple way to cure foot pain remedy is to take a load off your feet. Try to incorporate some regular breaks and take the weight off your feet, if you are constantly standing. When possible try to elevate the feet 45 degrees to the body and relaxes them in that position for about 15 minutes. In the elevated position blood will be moved away and it will reduce any swelling.


Soak Your Feet

Pamper yourself and your feet with a little soak. Place 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts into a tub of warm water and put your feet in it. Let soak your feet for about 15 minutes. The Epsom salts are great for foot pain relief and will ease sore and tired muscles. You can also try out open toe edema slippers for an effective treatment.


Hot and Cold Therapy:

A very easy remedy for healing foot pain relief is hot and cold therapy. To make sure that you can run water onto your feet, this can be done by sitting on the edge of the bath, Alternate hot and cold water on the feet for 1 minute at a time. Make sure you use a comfortable temperature. End with using cold water.


Foot Massage:

For Foot pain relief and pleasure cannot be beaten with a foot massage. Have your partner massage your feet with a nice massage oil, baby oil or moisturizing lotion. Be sure to put socks on before standing up to stop yourself slipping. You could even massage your own feet with some oil and using medium pressure using the thumb and fingers to work from the base of your foot to your toes.

Make small circles from the ball of the foot down to the base. Along the arch area of the foot up to the toes, gently squeeze, rotate and pull the toes, make long, deep strokes.


Cure with Ice:

A great help with foot pain relief is ice. Be sure to prevent ice burn by always having something between the ice and your skin, use a towel or cloth. Use the ice for ten minutes then have a ten minute break. Repeat these ten minutes, ten minutes off cycles for two more times. This is great for helping swelling and rejuvenating the feet.



The feet muscles are like any other muscles in the body and are at their healthiest when they are strong and flexible. This can be accomplished with regular exercise. For the feet, using shoes that provide good support is a good start. Some other great foot exercises include: rolling the foot over a golf ball, do not stand on it, but just use the weight of your foot to determine the pressure of the golf ball to massage your foot.

Use your feet like hands and try and pick up things with your toes. Scattering dried bean, marbles or tissue paper on the floor and trying to pick them up with your toes can help strengthen muscles.


Right Pair of Shoes:

Buy shoes that fit especially mens edema shoes. Always try on the shoes before you purchase them. If the shoe is so much tight across the toe box, it will be very unpleasant to wear it and will make foot pain worse. As some brands fit differently than others, you may want to get your feet measured each time you try on shoes. If Your feet swell as the day goes on, so it is usually best to wait until the evening to try on & purchase shoes. Return them, if you order shoes online and do not like the way they fit.

Based on activity, you need to choose your shoes. Wear sneakers designed for running, not walking, if you are going for a run. On what type of exercise you perform you use your feet differently. The open toe edema wear you wear need to be designed for that activity.


Support Your Arches:

Different people have different shapes of foot arch. You may have a low arch or be flat footed, for example when you stand, that means your entire foot touches the ground. Only your heels and toes have contact with the ground.

If they cause you pain, both types of arches need support. Wear inserts in your shoes that are designed for your arch type.