How to lose weight faster and naturally,weight loss tips that you can easily follow

If you want  know how to lose weight faster and dedicated to lose weight, then one common question comes in mind is how to lose weight naturally

Easy weight loss tips that you can easily follow      


Hello Readers, welcome again to fresh dose of lifestyle. Today we will discuss about the  easy weight loss tips that you can follow without any hustle.

All you need is to make little change in your daily routine and after a period of time you will find out that your stubborn body weight is melting out and now you are facing a new dynamic personality in the mirror in front of you every morning. This post is exclusively effective for our busy schedule and i believe that you can get desired results by following these easy and effective 5 weight loss tips. Happy reading and best of luck for your weight loss.

  • Drink more water is the best way to lose weight naturally

This is the most often heard phrase from almost every gym trainer and transformation experts. Reason behind it is very simple and logical, this is the first and most important tips for how to lose weight faster . The human body consists 70 percent liquid form.

The very common and best way to loss weight naturally.The food digestion system and blood circulation requires liquidity in food and hence water work as a great agent to liquidify the food, maintain the metabolism and to circulate bloods easily into veins by effectively playing its role as best oxidant for body and as far as we all know, water is easily available.

weight loss tips

We cant drink more water because we often hate the taste of water. Not everyone but most of us, just want to avoid the taste of water. You can make the water tastier now by adding mint lemon or whatever flavor you want. But I recommend you to avoid sugar intake with water.

You should drink half a ounce or a ounce per pound of your weight daily according to a well known nutritionist. If you are drinking water prior to your meals then you will feel less hungry and will surely intake less food, So this first step of how to lose weight faster is controls your hungriness.   

  • 70-20-10 rule weight loss formula

70-20-10 diet plan

The second rule of how to lose weight faster is very simple rule and I personally love it the most for lose weight faster . According to this rule, your transformation depends upon 70 percent of diet, 20 percent on exercise and 10 percent of rest. If you are monitoring you calorie intake and sure that you are eating less than what you are burning on daily basis and maintain you body weight if you are regular and committed to exercise routine and giving you body enough time to recover with the old tissues, then there is nothing on earth that can stop you from dropping your extra pounds and you can lose weight faster and faster.

To maintain this rule, concentrate and monitor whatever you are in taking. Avoid junk foods, processed foods and packed foods. Monitor the calories. And 70 percent of your diet part is done. You have to maintain a calorie deficit strictly to notice change in short period.


lose weight naturally

You have to make a habit to make some efforts to exercise your body on a daily basis,which helps you to lose weight naturally. No matter if you are going to gym, if you are doing yoga, home exercises, to bring a change you must to do it on a daily basis. 3 days a week is not going to bring any difference. You have to excersise regular. Any activity like dancing, cycling, swimming, jogging is also efficiently proven exercises and the best way to lose weight naturally

  • Add more veggies and lean protein helps to lose weight naturally.

Third tips for how to lose weight naturally and faster,To bring a finishing look to lean version of you, you must to add on lean proteins and more veggies to your diet. On an average you have to eat 1 gram of protein for each and every pound of your weight. Vegetables will help you to maintain healthy nutrition by providing good amount of fiber and vitamins which maintain your body weight . Avoid carbs enriched veggies. For example, instead of fried junk food grab some tasty baked sweet potatoes. Don’t forget to include 4 in 1 weight management and nutritional supplement Nucific Bio X4 to your healthy diet to help you with your weight loss journey.

naturally veggie

Here is the list some vegetable which have low-carb




Brussels sprouts



Sweet potatoes

Swiss chard



Most important thing is to monitor if you are not getting unhealthy fats along with your protein. That is why, whey proteins and lean proteins are suggested. But if you have some good knowledge of protein you can also regulate it on your own.

  • If you want to lose weight faster Avoid munching and late night eating habits 

Fourth tips for how to lose weight faster. Once you are determined about transforming yourself, you have to completely avoid munching in between your foods. You should to eat only at breakfast, lunch and your dinner and your dinner should be served before 7 pm. And the breakfast should be between 8 am to 9 am, this habit definitely maintain your body weight and helps to protect gain extra weight. 

late night eating

You can take your lunch between 1pm to 3 pm. That is it, you will not take anything instead of water in your body in between of these.  You have to starve yourself and let your body consume energy from the stored fat. This will results into body to lose weight faster and to maintain your fittest version.

weight loss avoid munching

  • Follow a healthy routine.

The fifth weight loss tips is most important, last but not least, never do any routine that you can not follow in long run. Any routine that is temporary, will results in temporary change but once you get back to your early eating habits and unhealthy routine your dropped will get back to you and to your great surprise you will be weighing more than the weight you started.

healthy routine

Everything is dedication and persistence toward your routine and weight loss goals and you will, in no time, certainly achieve it. It will take time but will occur like a miracle. Best of luck and Happy Transformation.  

Here 10 more tips for lose weight faster and faster

  • Avoid sugar in your diet even in your juice

  • You should eat food slowly and chew it more

  • Do workout at least 45 minutes Daily

  • Eat green vegetables and include more salads in food 

  • Measure your weight everyday

  • Get up early in the morning and sleep before 9 pm

  • Avoid to East fatty food and junk food 

  • Go for walk or running after walk up early in the morning daily no gape

  • Drink more water

  • Don’t Lose hope, we confident you can do it