How to prepare for PMI-CAPM Exam?

CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management. The certification and the allied functions are handled by the PMI (Project Management Institute) based in London. The certification focuses on the knowledge and skill an individual must possess in order to manage a project better than uncertified employees and make it reach the maximum achievable status.

The certification allows the candidate o apply for several jobs that he or she otherwise won’t have been able to, like project manager, project head, team lead, etc. Below are the details of the CAPM certification


The total number of questions: – The certification test for CAPM consists of a total of 150 questions. The 150 questions include 15 questions asked regarding the certification exam itself as feedback and are not scored.

Duration of the examination: – The 150 questions should be solved within a duration of 3 hours or 180 minutes only.

Prerequisites required for applying the test- The requirements to be met for appearing in the examination are based on the experience of the candidate gained over the years. An applicant with no experience at all must have a secondary degree like a high school diploma or equivalent along with twenty-three hours of project management education, while the experienced applicants need to possess a secondary degree along with 1500 hours of project management hours. Project management education generally refers to the credit hours of formal education on project management; a candidate is required to obtain.

Syllabus: – The 5 groups under the CAPM syllabus are: – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling, and closing. The syllabus is subdivided into ten knowledge areas, which are in order as: – Area 1 is the management of project integration, project scope management, project time management, project cost management, project quality management, project human resource management, project communications management, project risk management, project procurement management, and project stakeholder management.

Medium: – A candidate may appear the test in English or use the 13 other language aids provided by the PMI.

Passing marks: – There is no fixed passing percentage for obtaining the certification, but the safe percentage to achieve the certificate is said to be 70%. PMI does not undertake a negative marking scheme in the certification test for CAPM.

Tips for cracking CAPM certification test:-

  • Enroll in a suitable training curse. PMI also offers credible CAPM training that may be taken advantage of by the candidate.
  • The PMBOK study guide is like a bible for the aspirants of CAPM certification.
  • Choose another book based on your convenience, but it should have at least a clear understanding of all the concepts, applications of the concepts, and mock test papers. You may as well prefer the kindle versions.
  • Attempt as many mock tests as you can.
  • Prepare the hardware required for the examination and check for their correct working. Ensure proper network and working condition of all amenities.
  • Attempt all the questions to the truest of your knowledge and fear, not as there is no negative marking.
  • Undertake the elimination method in case you can’t reach the correct one
  • Recheck your paper and submit it on time.
  • Once done with the examination, wait for the results.
  • After obtaining the certificate, make sure to update your curriculum vitae.


Retest: – in case the candidate fails to make his or her mark in the first attempt, the second test can be taken for the application fees of $150 only.

Validity: – the certificate nullifies after 5 years, at the end of which the candidate may retake the test to recertify himself or herself. The certified personnel may as well prefer to obtain 15 PDUs (Professional Development Units) within the time frame of three years to extend the validity of the certificate.

CAPM training and certification both aim at building the personality of an individual who is aiming to handle projects. The skills that are intensified and sharpened by CAPM are relationship building, critical thinking, risk management, etc. The knowledge refers to the concepts of project management like project funding, project evaluation techniques, etc. With varied knowledge such as the above and a CAPM certification, the success of an individual knows no bound. The tips to clear the CAPM certification are mentioned above.