How to Record Phone Calls Remotely Without Installing Spy App

It is a hot question over the search engine that is it possible to record phone calls remotely without installing a spy app? The answer is NO, straight away. The reason is that there is no reliable call recording app that works remotely without installation.

You may still find some results suggesting some apps that claim to record phone calls without installation of spy app to the target phone, but we infer with full responsibility that these apps are a scam; they don’t perform the desired function but end up in messing up all the phone’s whereabouts.

These apps only generate traffic for their website while providing no real deal. They can be deadly for the user and the private and confidential information, which can be used for gaining unlawful benefits. The financial credentials can be stolen from the phone by breaching the firewall, and the user will end up in a massive loss, saving just a few dollars.

On the other hand, the purpose of remotely recording the phone calls can only be served by installing an efficient can android spy app over the target phone. The call recorder app enables the end-user to actively listen to all the phone calls made or received over the target phone with ease.

We have conducted comprehensive research and found TheOneSpy as one of the very best in business for many reasons. The call recorder app TheOneSpy is compatible to be used with Android and iPhone devices. It supports all the current versions of Android and iPhone OS.

TheOneSpy was found in 2014 and proudly serving its customers in spy monitoring manners since inception. It has plenty of features that spy kids and employees; we will discuss its call recording facility.

TheOneSpy – Call Recorder App

Listening to Real-time Phone Calls

All the phone calls made or received on the target phone can be listened to in real-time by the end-user. The end-user can turn on the feature at any point of time; the added feature even notifies the end-user for all the incoming and outgoing calls to know whether the respective call is important to the end-user and he/she is willing to listen to the respective call in real-time.

The feature addresses the parents’ need for digital parenting, which serves an added hand in the whereabouts of the child’s network, if the child’s company is in line with the desired standards, to know if there is a problem to the child, to find out if the child is getting pressed or pushed or harassed over the phone calls. All this can be coped with only one feature.

The call recorder app serves the employer in the same way. The employer can find out the pattern of communication of his/her employees, to know if the employee is looking to breach the corporate code of ethics, or if he/she is in communication with the ones who are not considered to be beneficial for the business.

Recording and Saving the Phone Calls

The incoming and outgoing phone calls can be spied later with the call recorder app. The hidden spy app for android allows recording the phone calls; the recorded phone calls automatically get saved to the online dashboard. These recordings can be referred to later if the end-user is not available to monitor on hand.

Listening to VoIP Calls

The social media apps furnish the feature of VoIP calls to their users. The parents can even listen to all the VoIP calls using the TheOneSpy call recorder app. The calls can be listened to in real-time for continuous monitoring; the app can even notify the end-user whenever the target user gets a VoIP call.

These calls can be recorded and saved by the app to the online dashboard for monitoring later.

Monitoring Video Calls of Social Networking Apps

The incoming and outgoing video calls over the social networking app can be monitored in real-time without any hint to the target user. The parent and employer can identify the pattern of communication of their kids and employees.



The question was about remotely record phone calls without installing a spy app, this is not possible at all, but the said purpose can be achieved using the TheOneSpy call recorder app, which allows listening and recording all the phone calls of the target phone, including VoIP and Video calls over the social networking apps.