How To Style A Vintage Band Tee While Staying True To Your Style

If you’re a fan of vintage band tees, there’s something for everyone in the world of t-shirt styling. It can be challenging to figure out what works best on your style and body type with so many options to choose from. We’ll walk you through some easy ways to dress up and wear vintage tee shirts without looking like an extra on The OC! Today’s post will discuss how to style cheap vintage t-shirts while staying true to your style.

Let’s take a look at these styling tips

  • A vintage tee looks great with neutral basics like classic blue jeans

Choose a pair of jeans in your favourite colour that compliments everything else you are wearing, and make sure they fit well to create an effortless look. Since the band tee is vintage, you can tuck it into a pair of high-waisted jeans or wear dark denim loose. Don’t forget to add accessories like an oversized cardigan and a statement necklace for that perfect finish!

If your style leans more towards masculine staples, make sure that there are feminine touches such as lace trim on a dress shirt or floral appliques on sneakers.

  • Roll up the sleeves a couple of times and apply a bright red lip to take your vintage shirt to the next level

The most popular way to style a band tee is to roll up the sleeves and play with proportions. A short-sleeved shirt can give you a more feminine silhouette that’s perfect for showing off your biceps. If you want something edgier, an oversized sweatshirt or boyfriend jeans will do the trick! But if you’re going to stay true to your style, there are plenty of ways. For example, rocking it as a crop top under high-waisted skirts or trousers in cool weather.

You can also wear them tucked into shorts during summer days — make sure they cover your butt cheeks, so no one has any complaints about inappropriate exposure (ahem).

  • Tuck your tee into slim-cut trousers and pair back with a classic leather loafer

A classic cut like Levi’s 501s in dark wash or khaki is perfect for this look, as it will provide an elegant balance to the more casual fit style of the band tee. Tuck your vintage shirt into them so they sit about one inch above where you would normally wear them without slacks on top. Ensure there’s enough room at the waistline; otherwise, opt for a looser trouser with belt loops instead.

Finally, add some polish with leather loafers – preferably something subtle and brown, which complements both colours well.


  • Pair The Vintage T-shirt with a midi skirt and white sneakers

This is a go-to look for a vintage band tee. You can wear it with a midi skirt and white sneakers, usually in red or pink. This kind of outfit would work great on its own during the day! But also works well as an outfit when going out at night because you can add heels and jewellery according to your taste.

The Bottom Line

A vintage band tee is a great way to show off your personality while providing a neutral base layer. But, like any other trend, it can be done tastefully or regrettably. We hope that you got some help styling your vintage band t-shirt.