How To Take Care Of Your Face During Winter?

The harsh cold weather and dry indoor air during the winter months can leave your skin feeling dull and lifeless. Hence, it is always recommended to indulge in some skincare as your skin needs moisture, vitamins and other nutrients to feel back to health. If you’re someone who is clueless about how to take care of your face during the cold months of the year, we’re going to give out some easy tips that you can follow.

Tips for Skin Care During Winter: The below-mentioned tips will help you prevent that uncomfortable unsightly dry and flaky skin and keep it happy and healthy all through the winter season.

  1. Protect the Moisture Your Skin has: The natural oils your skin produces can protect it and keep it healthy at all times. Hence, you need to avoid long baths and hot water showers that can strip off these natural oils from your skin.
  2. Add a Face Serum: Your skin needs extra moisture in the cold months and one of the ways to provide your skin with that is by using a hydrating face serum. The Pure Sense Macadamia Reviving Face Serum is one of the best to invest in. It is blended with exotic oils that boost collagen and restore youthful radiance. This face serum has a relaxing fragrance that calms your senses. The Pure ingredients in this product improve skin elasticity and smoothen your skin as well. So, if you’re looking for a face serum for women, this is your best bet.
  3. Don’t Skip on Sunscreen: No matter what the weather, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will have the ability to disrupt your skin and damage it from the inside. Using a sunblock with SPF 30 or above helps protect your skin from any kind of sun damage, even in winter.
  4. Dark Lips Treatment: While you’re protecting the skin on your face, you must not forget about the sensitive skin on your lips. Your lips can get darker by the day in the cold months if you pay no heed to them. One of the dark lips treatments
    includes using a lip balm that contains SPF. The Pure Sense Grapefruit UV Protection Lip Balm is one such product that is loaded with vitamin C that helps reduce discolouration on your lips and protects them from the sun as well. It is packed with antioxidants and grapefruit extracts that help exfoliate the dead skin cells on your lips. As this lip balm contains SPF, it has the ability to absorb sunlight and protect your lips from sun damage – another cause of dark lips.
  5. Switch Your Cleanser: It’s a great idea to trade in your current body wash for a more moisturising and hydrating cleanser during the winter months. Choose a cleanser with natural ingredients that are loaded with vitamin E and C as both of these vitamins help lock in moisture and brighten your skin instantly.
  6. Hydrate From the Inside: If you constantly keep feeling dehydrated and your skin keeps feeling itchy or dry, it’s probably because you’re not consuming enough liquids. Now, winter might take away your desire to drink lots of water throughout the day, but it is still important to hydrate your skin from the inside. If you can’t have eight to ten glasses of water, introduce some fruits in your diet that are water-rich and you’re good to go.

Use these tips on a daily basis and dedicatedly to make sure your skin is provided with the much-needed hydration and nutrition all through the cold months of the year.