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The demand for amber jewelry is seeing a fast-growing new interest in these intriguing stones. If it’s time to add a few pieces to your wardrobe, what’s the best way to style them?

Amber formed millions of years ago and was one of mankind’s earliest adornments. It’s made out of resin that’s fossilized over time and comes in colors from light yellow to a deep red.

These versatile gems work with any season, can be dress up or dressed down, and go with anyone’s style. If you’re looking for amber inspiration, keep reading!

Conversation Piece Ring

Amber is interesting enough all on its own. Why not let the gem speak for itself by featuring a large stone set in a conversation piece ring?

You won’t need a lot of flash to get people’s attention with a giant amber rock on your ring finger. Don’t crowd it out with bracelets or other rings; let it stand on its own.

String of Beads

Flat or rounded, amber beads shimmer, shine, and glow all in a row. Think of a necklace that hits either right at your collarbone or mid-chest for best effect.

This type of amber jewlery really shows off different types of amber when grouped together. Help them glow even brighter against light colored clothing.

Chunky Bracelets

Chunks of amber set in sterling silver or even as larger beads strung together make truly unforgettable bracelets. All eyes will be on your wrist if you wear chunky, large pieces of amber in a bracelet.

As with larger rings, you won’t have to worry about how to coordinate jewelry with a bracelet like this. This is a statement piece that should be allowed to shine on its own.

Amber Pendant

Many gems make charming pendants and amber is no different. Look for a truly unique piece to use as a large pendant necklace.

Pendants can sit elegantly at your throat or hang low around your waist. Either way, make sure to choose a unique piece of amber for a pendant necklace.

Deep ruby red amber is always mysterious and beautiful. Green amber is much rarer, however, and can truly complete a stunning outfit.

Statement Earrings

Thick, polished pieces of amber look incredible when set as a pair of earrings. Whether blonde, red head, brunette, or black hair, everyone looks good with glowing amber earrings.

Don’t stick with something demure and small. Find statement earrings that frame your face and allow amber to light up your complexion.

More Amber Jewelry Ideas

After reading our list, we know you’ll want to rush out and purchase some beautiful amber jewelry to dress up your wardrobe. If you’ve never considered amber before, you’ll soon see that it’s a must-have for any fashionista.

Amber is beautiful and sophisticated as polished beads. However, more raw or larger, uneven chunks can create an exciting and eclectic look.

No matter what you go with, you can’t miss when you add amber accessories to your outfits. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our other fashion articles.