Let a VPN Service Protects Your Privacy

Is a VPN connection necessary when you browse websites? And do you know what a VPN service can do for you? You are here at the right place.

In the following content, we will talk about why you need to use a VPN and which provider can be considered as the best free VPN for Windows. Let’s go right now.

Why You Need a VPN

There are a lot of benefits when using a VPN service. But below are the main reasons.

Enhanced Security

In addition to protecting our online privacy and security from hackers, governments, and telephone operators, VPNs provide a number of other benefits. When browsing the web from any location, a VPN isn’t necessary. A Virtual Private Network, on the other hand, is preferable while connecting to a public WiFi network. By hiding your IP address and encrypting your data from intruders, you’ll keep your privacy.

Using an Internet Service Provider (ISP), consumers may access all of their online data, passwords, and other personal information. ISPs will not be able to view a user’s logs if they are using a VPN, on the other hand. As a result, they only view encrypted statistics from the VPN server’s side.

Anyone spying around your network is unable to see what you’re doing when your VPN is enabled. That’s true even if the snooper is in charge of the network itself. In addition to being ubiquitous and handy, public Wi-Fi networks provide a perfect opportunity for hackers to spread their malicious code. As an example, how do you know “Starbucks wifi-real” is in fact a coffee shop’s Wi-Fi network? To test how many devices automatically connect, security researchers, build a network with the same name as a well-known service and observe how many devices connect.

When Visiting Overseas, Avoid Censorship

There are VPNs that can let you circumvent geographical limitations. When it comes to particular websites such as social media platforms, some governments limit or prohibit access to them, or censor specific types of material that are posted there. A VPN, on the other hand, may be able to assist you to gain access by making your traffic appear to be originating from another country. If you’re utilizing a free VPN, be aware that it’s the user’s obligation to determine whether or not it’s legal.

Disable Filters and Blockers

Internet censorship is a genuine phenomenon in some parts of the globe, and it might mean that someone is more or less influencing the user’s viewpoint, according to the article. VPNs, which bypass restricted websites and Internet filters, are becoming increasingly popular. You’ve got the power, so use it.

Which VPN Provider Is Better

Look beyond the speed of the service you are considering because it is the element you and the VPN provider have the least influence over. Consider value instead, as virtually all VPN providers provide a combination of the same technology as one another. Is there a way to obtain as much as possible for the least? You should look for other features like split tunneling, multi-hop connections, and others. Even if you don’t need them all the time, you’ll find them handy when you do need them.

And here we are happy to introduce you to a good VPN provider named iTop VPN. It has a VPN for Windows, Android, and iPhone. But why iTop VPN? Keep read ing.

No Logging Policy

Your ISP usually provides you with the vault key for a VPN that records your data, which you then hand over to your VPN provider. As a result, your data is in danger and your privacy is compromised. Because of this, iTop VPN has a no-logging policy in effect.

Your data will not be recorded and stored by iTop VPN because of its no-logging policy. It’s safer to be anonymous online since they make sure that no traces of your personal information or visited sites are left behind.

Kill Switch

A “Kill Switch” is included in iTop VPN, as is the case with many other popular VPN services, which stops all transmission once it detects that the VPN service has disconnected. In the meanwhile, your data will be exposed to your ISP and other internet trackers if you don’t make the transition. This is prevented with a circuit breaker. So you don’t have to worry about losing your real IP address or other personal information since your data will always be safe.

Unlimited Bandwidth

In iTop VPN’s free edition, there is no such thing as limitless bandwidth. As a result of this, it offers its subscribers limitless bandwidth. If a streamer or online gamer is using their service for 6 to 7 hours a day, they may have a seamless VPN experience with no interruptions whatsoever. If all VPNs had this functionality. Even top VPN providers can’t provide their clients’ limitless bandwidth.