Liliana Gandolfini Height, Net worth, Age, Wikipedia & Family

Liliana Gandolfini is a young celebrity known for being the daughter of the late acclaimed actor, James Gandolfini. Her life, though private, sparks interest among fans. Liliana, stepping out of her father’s shadow, is gradually making her own mark in the public eye.

Liliana Gandolfini Personal Details

Date of BirthOctober 10, 2012
Age11 years

Liliana Gandolfini Early Life and Education

Liliana Ruth Gandolfini was born on October 10, 2012, to the renowned actor James Gandolfini and his wife, Deborah Lin. Growing up under the limelight due to her father’s fame, Liliana’s childhood has been a blend of public attention and private moments.

Details about Liliana’s education are kept private to safeguard her childhood. However, being born into a family that values education, it is likely that she attends a reputable institution.

Liliana Gandolfini Career Highlights

Liliana’s exposure to the entertainment industry began early, owing to her father’s successful career. While she hasn’t embarked on her own career yet, her appearances at events alongside her family have garnered attention.

Given her lineage, there is anticipation regarding Liliana’s potential entry into the world of entertainment. Fans and media speculate if she will follow in her father’s footsteps.


Liliana Gandolfini Physical Attributes

Liliana, though young, has been noticed for her charming appearance during public outings. Her physical attributes, like many children her age, are subject to change as she grows.

Body TypeSlim
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe SizeN/A

Liliana Gandolfini Personal Life and Favorites

Liliana’s life is carefully shielded from excessive media scrutiny. Her mo ther, Deborah Lin, ensures that Liliana enjoys a normal childhood, despite the fame associated with her late father.

While specific details about Liliana’s interests remain private, it is common for children of her age to enjoy activities like playing, learning, and exploring creative pursuits.

Liliana Gandolfini Age

In 2023 Liliana Gandolfini is 11 years old, Liliana is experiencing her formative years amidst public curiosity and familial legacy, striking a balance between normalcy and fame.

Liliana Gandolfini Family and Relationship

Liliana shares a close bond with her mother and is often seen paying tribute to her late father, James Gandolfini. The family’s tight-knit relationship is evident in their public appearances.

Liliana Gandolfini Net Worth

Though Liliana’s personal net worth is undisclosed, she is the heir to her father’s legacy and estate, which includes substantial assets and royalties from his illustrious career.


  1. Who is Liliana Gandolfini?
    • Liliana Gandolfini is the daughter of the late actor James Gandolfini.
  2. What is known about Liliana’s career?
    • Liliana is still young, and details about her career are not available yet.
  3. How does Liliana pay tribute to her late father?
    • Liliana and her family are seen attending events and memorials honoring James Gandolfini.
  4. What is Liliana’s age?
    • Liliana was born on October 10, 2012, making her 11 years old.