List of Liquid Detergents for Washing Machine

How great it would be if your clothes get clean without making much effort, without wasting too much time and energy on it. But it seems impossible with regular old powder detergent; it takes too much time to remove stains from woolen and everyday clothes. After rubbing clothes for hours, it gets clean, but at the same time, it damages your clothes badly.

We have a solution to this problem there are few liquid detergents for washing your clothes in a machine. There are two different types of detergents, one for woolen and one for regular clothes. In this blog, we have discussed their benefits and how they work.

Liquid Detergent for Woollen Clothes

1.      Ezee Liquid Detergent

Ezee liquid detergent is the best option for woolen clothes. It makes them soft and fluffy. The reason why people use this is that it contains no soda and neutralizes the pH level.

It helps in retaining fabric strength and natural color. Ezee gently cleans and softens winter wear, chiffon, and silk. Ezee is certified by WOOLMARK APPAREL CARE.


  • It prevents shrinking and fading and maintain the fragrance.
  • Ezee helps in Avoiding loss of protein, damage of fabric as well as color loss.
  • Ezee Contains Micro Conditioner that keeps your fabric clothes soft, fluffy, and just like new.

2.      Softly Wool Wash

This detergent is very easy to use; it is also called a washing machine detergent. Take one cup of softly wool wash; if the stain is tough, put a few drops directly on the stain and rub it for a few minutes.

Now pour it into a washing machine and softly will do its work. This detergent is ideal for all types of fabric; it also protects clothes from loosening.


  • Your clothes will stay new even after 75+ washes.
  • This detergent is a multipurpose liquid detergent: that is Suitable for Front Load, Top Load washing machine, and Bucket wash too.
  • It does not contain any acid and maintains the pH level.


3.      Syclone Matic

There are many benefits to this liquid detergent; it is brightness booster; it has an anti grey and anti-fading technology that protects your woolen clothes from color fading.  It helps in removing the tough stain from the soft clothes.

One cup of detergent is enough for a regular load and one and a half for a heavily soiled load. This liquid detergent has a perfume diffusion technology that releases mild fragrance from the clothes even after washing clothes.


  • Syclone Matic detergent produces an optimal amount of foam and prevents issues of scaling and clogging.
  • Detergent dissolves very quickly in water, does not leave any leftovers, and provides faster action on stains and better cleaning.
  • It fights with several regular as well as modern kinds of tough stains.

4.      Comfort wash

Comfort wash is a fabric conditioner that comes in 860ml and 1.6 l of the pack to protect your woolen clothes from dirt and germs. Comfort wash will help to keep your clothes soft and fluffy and shine like new clothes. After washing your woolen with detergents, pour one cap of comfort in a bucket of water and soak your clothes for 5 minutes and see the magic.


You can buy comfort from any shopping website like Big Basket and others, here; you can avail of discounts by applying coupon codes like Big Basket Coupon Code and get your favorite detergent at a discounted price.



  • Use comfort wash after washing clothes to give them a protective layer and prevents the damage caused by repeated washing with detergent powders.
  • This liquid detergent nourishes and untangles clothes that are damaged by washing and gives clothes an unbelievable shine.

Liquid Detergent for Regular Clothes

1.       Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

With Ariel Matic, you will be able to remove tough stains from your regular clothes in just one wash. You don’t need hours to wash your clothes; you just need one cup of liquid detergent.

The colour and softness of the clothes will never be damaged with this Ariel liquid detergent. You can use this liquid detergent with powder detergent at the time of washing. Most recommended for front-loaded machines.


  • One liter of Ariel Matic Liquid wash is ten times stronger than 1 KG powder detergent.
  • One wash of this liquid detergent is enough for the toughest stain on clothes.
  • This detergent is the best option for all your general fabrics and also any precious fabrics.

2.      Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Liquid

If you have any tough stains on your clothes, try Surf Excel Easy Wash; it will help you remove the tough stain and good fragrance in the clothes after wash and even after drying. It is suitable for all kinds of clothes and does not damage them.

You can use your hands to scrub them before putting them to wash. White and colored clothes, it is suitable for both kinds of clothes. Use one cup to one and a half cup of liquid for one wash.


  • The liquid detergent is gentle that it does not cause any damage to even the hands.
  • This Liquid detergent dissolves very easily in water that will help you to remove satin with ease.

3.      Genteel Liquid Detergent

Gentle liquid detergent is an excellent washing liquid detergent. You can use it for daily washing needs and regular clothes. This liquid detergent from the Godrej brand. Purchase this liquid detergent at an affordable price. It keeps your clothes refreshing all the time, even after drying.


  • It has a compelling washing technique for tougher stains, germs, and dirt.
  • This detergent is the best option for all your general fabrics and also any regular fabrics clothes.


Laundry is a tough job to do; it takes a lot of time and energy to clean the stain, and it would take too much time if the stain is tougher. But for all those problems, there is a liquid detergent that helps us remove stains, dirt, germs from our clothes. There are different types of liquid detergent for woolen clothes and regular clothes with varying cleaning properties. We have mentioned some woolen and traditional clothes liquid detergents for your clothes.