Must Read Points before Buying a New DTH Connection

While we plan to get a new DTH connection, being confused and having a heap of doubts is obvious. You are going to invest your money and time; you have all the right to know all the details about the new DTH connection. To understand the things better, here are some points that you must check before getting the new DTH connection.

  • Package and Price

Most of the customers compare the one-time fee of the new DTH, rather than focusing on the monthly cost. The actual concern should be comparing the monthly packages and the prices. There are wide varieties of prices for packages that you would have to pay every month. From INR 99 to INR 800, you can choose any package that suits your needs.

  • Channels

The second thing to check is the number of channels that the DTH provider is offering. Although it may consume a bit of your time, it is always a prudent idea to make a list of channels that you would like to watch the entire month. You also must check which DTH provider is offering all the channels at the least prices.

  • Type of Set-Top Box

If you are taking a DTH connection for the forts time, it can be confusing to decide which Set Top Box is right for you. There are three types of Set Top Box; Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), and 4K (Ultra HD). Choosing any one of them depends on the type of TV you have. For an LCD/LED TV, you have to choose HD Box, and for a Tube TV, you have to go for SD Box. Another thing to consider is to check if the Set-Top Box has a recording feature.

  • Warranty

Checking the warranty period is one of the most important things while choosing a DTH connection. Many DTH providers do not offer any warranty. Sticking to DTH providers that offer at least one year warranty on the connection is a wiser idea. Before deciding on choosing a particular DTH connection, you can call their customer care to know all the details about the warranty period.

  • Service

Once you opt for a particular DTH provider, you have to call their customer care now and then. Therefore, checking the wait time of customer care is one of the crucial things you can do. You can give a call to each of the customer care and check the wait time. The lesser time one takes is the one you should be considering.

  • Long-term benefits

Choosing long-term packages can help you in getting several discounts and benefits. However, you need to check which DTH provider is offering what kind of benefits with the long-term packages. Checking the DTH offers beforehand is an important step.

While you are checking all the DTH providers, you can trust Airtel DTH without a second thought. With Airtel DTH, you can get around 98 channels at INR 153 for 30 days. There are several benefits of taking Airtel DTH, which even includes their responsive customer care service.