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Nandini Charuhaasan is an Indian film actress who has appeared in South Indian films, primarily in Tamil cinema. She is the daughter of Charuhasan, a veteran actor and director, and the niece of the legendary actor Kamal Haasan.

Nandini is also known for her involvement in social causes and her advocacy for women’s rights. Nandini Charuhaasan, a name not as widely recognized as her illustrious family members, has her own story to tell. Born into a family deeply rooted in the arts, her life is intertwined with cinema, culture, and creativity.

While Nandini Charuhaasan might not be in the limelight as much as other members of her family, her contributions to the arts and her personal journey are noteworthy.

Nandini Charuhaasan Career Highlights

Nandini Charuhaasan hails from a family with a rich legacy in the entertainment industry. While specific details about her early life and education are not widely available, it’s known that she grew up in an environment surrounded by cinema and creativity. Her father, Charuhasan, was not only an actor but also a director and retired lawyer. He had a unique educational journey, having been homeschooled for the initial years of his life due to an accident. He later pursued law and became a practicing lawyer.

Details about Nandini Charuhaasan’s career are sparse. However, being part of such a renowned family, it’s evident that she has been exposed to the world of cinema and arts from a young age. Her sister, Suhasini, is a well-known actress married to the acclaimed film director Mani Ratnam.

Nandini Charuhaasan Personal Life and Favorites

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Nandini Charuhaasan’s personal life remains relatively private. She is one of the three daughters of Charuhasan, with her sisters being Suhasini and Subhasini. Suhasini, as mentioned earlier, is a renowned actress in the Indian film industry.

Nandini Charuhaasan Age

While the exact age of Nandini Charuhaasan is not publicly known, her father, Charuhasan, was born on 5 January 1931, making him 92 years old as of now.

Nandini Charuhaasan Net Worth

The net worth of Nandini Charuhaasan is not publicly disclosed. However, given her family’s significant contributions to the film industry, it’s evident that they have garnered both fame and fortune over the years.


  1. Who is Nandini Charuhaasan?
    • Nandini Charuhaasan is the daughter of the renowned actor and director Charuhasan and the sister of actress Suhasini.
  2. Is Nandini Charuhaasan involved in the film industry?
    • While specific details about her career are not widely available, she hails from a family deeply rooted in the arts and cinema.
  3. Who are Nandini Charuhaasan’s siblings?
    • Nandini has two sisters, Suhasini, a well-known actress, and Subhasini.
  4. What is known about Nandini Charuhaasan’s personal life?
    • Nandini Charuhaasan’s personal life remains relatively private. She is one of the three daughters of Charuhasan.