Ninette Prabhu Age, wiki, Height and Weight, Net worth, Parents.

Ninette Prabhu

Ninette Prabhu is an enigmatic figure best known as the mother of the renowned Indian actress Samantha Akkineni. While she may not bask in the limelight as her daughter does, Ninette’s life story, achievements, and personal interests are equally captivating.

Ninette Prabhu, an Indian native, has garnered attention primarily due to her familial ties with Samantha Akkineni, a celebrated actress in the Indian film industry.

Currently, Ninette Prabhu is recognized as a former director of HC Intellect LLC and maintains a relatively private life away from the media’s glare.

Ninette Prabhu’s Early Life and Education

Born in Alappuzha, Kerala, Ninette’s early life remains largely private. While specific details about her educational background are scarce, it is believed that she is a graduate. Her upbringing in Kerala might have instilled in her the rich cultural values of the region.

Ninette Prabhu

Ninette Prabhu Career Highlights

Professionally, Ninette Prabhu has been associated with HC Intellect LLC, where she held the position of a director. However, much of her life has been dedicated to her family, ensuring they have a grounded upbringing despite the fame and attention.

Ninette Prabhu Physical Attributes

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing approximately 53 kg, Ninette maintains a healthy lifestyle. Her black hair and brown eyes add to her graceful appearance.

Physical Attributes Details
Body Measurements Not Specified
Body Type Average
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 53 kg
Waist Not Specified
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size Not Specified


Ninette Prabhu Personal Life and Favorites

Ninette was born into a Christian family in Kerala and later settled in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She is married to Joseph Prabhu, and together they have three children: Samantha Akkineni and two sons, Jonathan and David Prabhu. Ninette is known to be an avid reader and an animal lover, with a particular fondness for dogs.

Personal Details Details
Nickname Ninny
Gender Female
Date of Birth Not Specified
Age Estimated in 60s
Profession Former Director, Housewife
Nationality Indian


Education Details
School Not Specified
College Not Specified


Ninette Prabhu Age

While Ninette’s exact age remains undisclosed, based on her appearance and available information, she is estimated to be in her 60s.

Ninette Prabhu Net Worth

Details regarding Ninette Prabhu’s net worth remain undisclosed. However, given her association with HC Intellect LLC and her family’s success in the entertainment industry, it can be assumed that she leads a comfortable life.


  1. Who is Ninette Prabhu?
    • Ninette Prabhu is best known as the mother of the famous Indian actress Samantha Akkineni.
  2. What is Ninette Prabhu’s profession?
    • She is a former director of HC Intellect LLC.
  3. Who are Ninette Prabhu’s children?
    • She has three children: Samantha Akkineni, Jonathan Prabhu, and David Prabhu.
  4. Where does Ninette Prabhu reside?
    • She currently resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.