Nipsey Hussle Height and Weight, Net Worth, Bio, Girlfriend and Social Media Profile Details

Nipsey Hussle was great artist, and known as rapper. His real name is Ermias Joseph Asghedom. He was born on the 15th of August in 1985 in Los Angeles, CA, US. He come up in Crenshaw neighborhood. His mom dad is splitted when he was 3 year old. Nipsey spent his childhood life with their grandparents.

Nipsey Hussle, a revered figure in the music industry, left an indelible mark through his artistry and philanthropy. Tragically, Nipsey Hussle’s life was cut short in 2019, yet his legacy continues to resonate powerfully within the community.

Nipsey Hussle Early life and Childhood

He was interested in rapping since childhood and used to listen to radio a lot in his childhood and they liked to buy rap albums and magazines. At his young age he started rapping and started writing song on beats of Snoop Dogg and Dr Gray.

At the age 12 he start focused on her original beats and make his small group of song member. He started going to the studio at the age of 13. Recorded her early songs at the age of 14

He is a member of Crip gang and his Crip gang name is Rolling 60 Crips which is located in Los Angeles, CA. He joined his Crip gang at the age of 16 because financial condition is not well after joining this group his involvement is increased in criminal activities and started making money by dealing in criminal activities. And buy all thing which he wants.

Personal Details

Attribute Details
Nickname Nipsey Hussle
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 15, 1985
Age 33 (at the time of his demise)
Profession Rapper, Activist
Nationality American

Nipsey attended Hamilton High School but dropped out before graduating, opting to pursue his passion for music.

Nipsey Hussle Bio

Profession Rapper, Singer and Songwriter
Genre Rapper and Hip Hop
Labels Gemini Atlantic Records, All Money in Records, Epic Records, Cinematic music group and Skee Music
Date of Birth 15th August 1985


Nipsey Hussle Height and Weight

Nipsey Hussle is no longer in this world he was shot dead at the age of 33. But As you recognize his date of birth you’ll guess Nipsey Hussle Height and Weight at last before he died on March 31, 2019 at the age of 33 his height is 6 feet 3 inch and his overall weight is 78kg.


  • In feet– 6 feet 3 inches
  • In centimeters–191 cm
  • In meters– 1.91 m


  • In Kilograms–78 kg
  • In Pounds– 174 lbs.

Physical Attributes

Attribute Details
Body Measurements Athletic
Body Type Slim
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 81 kg
Waist 34 inches
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Shoe Size 12 (US)

Nipsey Hussle Age

According to his death Nipsey Hussle age is 33 but believed He achieved many milestones in his short life, achieved many achievements and also faced many difficulties, but he never gave up and at the age of 33 had become a big name in the rapping industry.

Birthday / Date of Birth – Nipsey Hussle was born on the 15th of August 1985, in Los Angeles, CA, United States.

Career of Nipsey Hussle

Having done his early studies with his grand parents. But in the 10th grade, he was expelled from their school because he and his friends were accused of stealing the computer lab, due to which he had to go to the children’s jail but he He was not one to give up and wanted to continue his studies.

After coming from prison, he took admission in the community college and continued his studies in English, Phycology and Philosophy. And his study help in future to his rapping career.

Due to the passion of singing, he dropped out of his college and started giving his full time to songs making and writing, but along with this he was also involved in many criminal activities but later he understood that if he was involved in these criminal activities.

If he remains involved, he cannot make a career in music, after that he took a very big decision, collecting the money he had earned from criminal activities, he opened his own music studio and bought new musical instruments for music.

Professional Statistics of Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle launches their debut album Slauson Boys Volume.1 in 2005. Which would go on to become the name of his record label. After making Slauson Boys Record Label and they get the distribution deal. And he was only 18 years old, this tells us that he was entrepreneurship since childhood.

In 2007 he play a small role in “bone thugs n harmony” short film. Nipsey continues his Hussle and start selling his mix tapes in streets.

After this, he started getting small roles in many films. He started getting identified with the big artists. In 2018, due to the case of Nipsey brother, the police raided his studio and took all his music equipment’s because those equipment’s were bought with criminal proceeds because of this he also had to go to jail and Nipsey back to zero.

And after coming back from jail, he had to struggle a lot because now he did not even have his own studio, but went ahead and hired him in a cinematic group and with the money received from that cinematic group, he hired a lawyer and went to Jamaica.

In 2008 he again launches his 2 mix tape “Bullets ain’t got no name Vol.1 and Vol.2 and his major debut song is “Hussle in the house”. This song is very big hit, But a lot of allegations started appearing on this song that he is promoting gang culture.

Relationship and Married Life of Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey come in a relationship with actress and model Lauren London in. They had a boy with each other birthed. He stayed really associated with his companies, philanthropic tasks, and also the houses of friends and family.

nipsey hussle with lauren london
nipsey hussle with lauren london

Family Details of Nipsey

Father Dawit Asghedom
Mother Angelique Smith
Kids Kross Asghedom, Emani Asghedom
Girlfriend Lauren London
Siblings Samiel Asghedom, Samantha

Nipsey Hussle Death

At 31 March 2019 when he was in his clothing store The Marathon And when he was outside his store, he was shot and 10 shots were fired, he immediately took him to the hospital but unfortunately he died.

Nipsey Hussle Net worth

At the time of his passing in 2019, Nipsey Hussle’s net worth was estimated to be around $8 million. This wealth was not just a result of his successful music career but also stemmed from his savvy business ventures and investments.

Nipsey Hussle’s music was a significant contributor to his net worth. His mixtapes and studio albums, especially “Victory Lap,” which received a Grammy nomination, generated substantial revenue. Additionally, his concerts and live performances were known to draw large crowds, contributing to his earnings.

Nipsey was known for his innovative approach to selling his music. In 2013, he sold his “Crenshaw” mixtape for $100 per copy, making $100,000 in less than 24 hours. This strategy, known as the “Proud2Pay” model, was praised by fellow artists and industry experts.

Some Few Unknown Facts About Nipsey

He also Nipsey collaborated with drake album “So far Gone”.

He Looked like a Snoop dog, because of this many people thought that he is relative to Snoop Dogg but in reality he is not related. They both are belongs to the Crip gang.

He was featured in front page of the XXl Magazine with j cole and wiz khalifa

In 2017 he open his clothing brand Which name The Marathon.

In 2018 he launches a album with Atlantic records “Victory Lap” which come in No.4 postion on Billboard Record. This album is also nominated for Grammy awards.

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  1. What was Nipsey Hussle’s real name? Nipsey Hussle’s real name was Ermias Joseph Asghedom.
  2. How did Nipsey Hussle contribute to his community? Nipsey was an advocate for education and economic empowerment in his community, investing in local businesses and initiatives.
  3. What was Nipsey Hussle’s height and weight? Nipsey Hussle stood at 6 feet 3 inches and weighed approximately 81 kg.
  4. When was Nipsey Hussle born and when did he pass away? Nipsey Hussle was born on August 15, 1985, and tragically passed away on March 31, 2019.