ok full form 2021

What is OK Full Form?

OK stands for ‘oll korrect’, or ‘ole kurreck’. It comes from abbreviation trend which was popular in Boston, MA, back in the 1830s.

Ok Means “Objection Killed “, OK is the 2nd Shortest English word and Sentence.

Ok, another meaning is Alright.

OK have many variations include okay, O.K and OK.

Ok is the most frequently spoken r written word in the planet.

OK principally means “adequate” or “acceptable”.OK‘s original presentation as “all correct” was later varied with spellings such as “Oll Korrect” or even “Ole Kurreck”.

International usage of OK full form

In India, it is often used after a sentence to mean “did you get it?”, often not regarded politely, for example, “I want this job done, OK?” or at the end of a conversation (mostly on the phone) followed by “bye” as in “OK, bye.”

In Indonesia, OK is also used as a slogan of national television station RCTI since the year 1994.

In Pakistan, OK has become a part of Urdu and Punjabi languages.

In Germany, OK is spelled as o.k. or O.K. or okay. It may be pronounced as in English, but /ɔˈkeː/ or /oˈkeː/ are also common.

The meaning ranges from acknowledgement to describing something neither good nor bad, same as in US/UK usage.

In Maldivian Okay is used in different ways, often used to agree with something, more often used while departing from a gathering “Okay Dahnee/Kendee.”

About “OK”

  • OK means: Alright, Proceeding, Normally and many other meanings are there of word of OK.
  • OK can be used as Adjective, Adverb, Interjection:
  • The word “OK” was first used during the war by American soldiers in 1839 for saying Alright in short way.


Some other full forms of OK:


OK – Okay

OK – One Kiss

OK – OutKast

OK – Okanagan

OK – Over Kill

OK – Oozma Kappa

OK – Ola Kala

OK – Organized Konfugson

OK Organisierte Kriminalitaet

OK – On Kerosene

OK – Old Kinderhook

OK – Operatiekamer

OK – Oskar Kokoschka

OK – Order Known

OK – Obvious Knowledge

OK – Outside Knowledge

OK – Ogre Kingdoms

OK – Oll Korrect

OK – Objection Killed

OK is short for “All correct”

It is a Greek word which means All correct.

It is also used in chatting.

For example:

When Two People chat

Person 1: Hi

Person 2: Hi

Person 1: How are you?

Person 2:  I am O.K.


Another Chat:

Person 1 : I am going to school
Person 2 : OK