PMWL 2020 PUBG Mobile East Finals Day 4 results and overall standing & BTR emerge champions

The biggest Pubg Mobile World League 2020 League match of PMWL finals for the East division decided tonight. After numerous rounds over many visits, 16 squads made it to the Last League stage. Over the last 4 days, teams have battled out in 24 rounds, 6 rounds a day to regulate the best of the greatest team.Highest 80k teams listed herself for PUBG Mobile Club for PMWL 2020 qualifiers

What is the winning  prize pool of  Pubg Mobile World League PMWL 2020 League Finals?

In the finals PUBG Mobile World League PMWL a total of 16 teams engaged it out counter to each other for the title of winner and a huge winning prize pool of $425,000.The champion of the East division PMWL 2020 League finals will get the prize of $100,000 . Second prize is $50,000 for runner up team Orange Rock and third prize of $20,000 goes to RRQ Athena and last fourth prize of $10,000 goes to Box gaming BG. 

Prize Pool of PMWL

First prize o   – $100,000 –   Bigetron Red Aliens

Second prize   – $50,000 –   Orange Rock

Third prize   – $20,000 –   RRQ Athena

Fourth prize   – $10,000 –   Box gaming BG

Fith prize  – $ 8,000 –   U Level Up Esports

Sixth prize   – $5,000 –   TSM-Entity

Seventh prize   – $4,000 –   T1

Eighth prize   – $ 3,000 –   Valdus The Murder 

Ninth prize   – $ 2,000 –   TeamIND 

Tenth place   – $ 2,000 –   MegaStars

Who is the Winner of Pubg Mobile World League PMWL  2020 East?

Team of Bigetron Red Aliens won PMWL East 2020 by locking the score of 287 points and 2 chicken dinners. They were followed by Orange Rock and RRQ Athena, who had 278 and 276 points, respectively. At the finish of the 24 rounds, they settled with 287 score points. This Indonesian team is get the first position on the PMWL  2020 East

PMWL East Final overall standing Standings


1Bigetron RA24287
2Orange Rock24278
3RRQ Athena24276
4Box Gaming24270
5U Level Up Esports24256
8Valdus The Murder24205
12King of Gamers Club24169
15Reject Scarlet24165
13GXR Celtz24152
14Team Secret24150
16Yoodo Gank24142

Bigetron RA Esports have been Won  champions of the tournament of PMWL 2020 League Finals


FAQ Realated PMWL 2020

1.  Who won  PMWL 2020?

Bigetron RA Esports have been Won  champions of the tournament of PMWL 2020 League Finals

2.  What is winning prize of PMPL 2020?

PMWL 2020 League finals winner will get the prize of $100,000