Pros and Cons of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids are not a life-threatening disease. There are several treatment options for piles or hemorrhoids. Due to the location of the disease, several patients report the problem when it has reached grade 3 or grade 4. The embarrassment of sharing the hemorrhoid problem leads to further complications.

It is a very common health problem across the world for which people tries to find several home remedies, medication and try to self-medicate. Hemorrhoids can easily be treated with medication and lifestyle changes when it is in the primary stage. If after medication and remedies, the problem persists, do not fret. There are surgical options such as hemorrhoidectomy, sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation and laser surgery. You can opt for laser surgery which is a proven and effective method to treat hemorrhoids. Let us go through the advantages and disadvantages of laser piles surgery.


Pros of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery


  1. Laser hemorrhoids surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. There are no cuts and stitches involved in the process. There is minimal blood loss in this procedure.
  2. The laser surgery for piles is almost painless. That is one of the prime reasons it is preferred over conventional treatments.
  3. It is a daycare procedure which means that no hospitalization is required and the patient is discharged within 24 hours of the surgery.
  4. The recovery and healing are really quick. After laser hemorrhoid surgery, one is able to back to the normal routine within 48 hours. There are some restrictions such as lifting heavy weight, performing strenuous activities and so on. You must avoid them.
  5. For surgeons, laser surgery is an easier procedure compared to normal surgery. The surgeon has control over the laser and the efforts involved in making incisions do not exist. This makes it easier for the surgeon to complete the process with better results.
  6. No infection and minimal post-surgery side-effects.
  7. There is no harm to the surrounding hemorrhoid tissues. The precision of the laser beam is so focused and is under the control of the surgeon.
  8. There is no open wound or any risk of exposure to the environment as there are no cuts. The internal organs do not come into contact with the outside world.
  9. There is no scaring after the surgery that happens in open piles surgery. It seals the nerve endings.
  10. High success rate of laser hemorrhoid surgery is one of the prime advantages for opting it.


Cons of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery


  1. The first disadvantage depends upon each patient is the effects of anesthesia which has a different set of risks.
  2. As the technology is advanced, the equipment required for the treatment i.e laser is not that cheap. It may cost a little more than normal hemorrhoid surgery.
  3. The surgeons and the medical staff performing the laser surgery for hemorrhoids must have proper training in laser surgery. A normal surgeon won’t be able to perform laser



After Laser hemorrhoids Surgery Precautions


There are several patients who undergo laser hemorrhoids surgery and return to normal life within a day or two. Some have to go through extra care when they have a constipation problem. The surgeons prescribe some laxative or stool softeners for quick recovery. They advise the patient to drink enough water, increase fiber intake to prevent constipation and for quick recovery.




Consulting a proctologist is the best to find out the treatment for your hemorrhoids. Itching, burning sensation, straining during bowel movements or chronic constipation – if you notice any or of these symptoms, visit a piles clinic nearby and get yourself diagnosed. The doctor performs a physical examination to check the presence of hemorrhoids. But do not hesitate to share your condition with the doctor. Remember not all patients are a candidate of hemorrhoids laser surgery. Therefore, talk to a general physician or proctologist.


To find out more, there are also ways to consult piles doctor online. Book your online appointment and talk to them. They may help you with medication or other treatment options to treat hemorrhoids.