Simple Rangoli Designs for diwali for making Special Rangoli for Diwali 2020

Rangoli Design

In this post we are going to discuss Rangoli Designs for Diwali. This helps you to make diwali simple rangoli designs.  Rangoli is form of drawing that is drawn by using rice, flour, chalk, rock powder, natural or artificial colors as well . In India, Sri lanka, Tamil Nadu, karnatakka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Kerala and some part of Goa and also in other Asian countries there are traditional use of Rangoli. It is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots.

Materials required for simple rangoli design 

    • Rangoli colors powder as you choice
    • Chalk for making rangoli outline
    • Spices and grains in different color
    • Rice is very common for simple rangoli design you can color it as your choice
    • Turmeric past or Turmeric powder is very use full for simple rangoli design
    • Flower petals is used for highlighting rangoli design
    • Decorative Diya as your choice where you put
    • Last important material is your creativity

diwali rangoli design


It is widely practiced by the Female member of Hindu Families in front of their homes i.e. called Angana for the occasion diwali and these design which we are exploring are easy rangoli designs for diwali. Rangoli is known by different names in india such as Aripan, Kolam, Muggulu, Rangoli. These are made on different occasions, festivals and events as a home decor.

There is a list of best rangoli design for diwali with images

Diwali rangoli

The purpose of rangoli design is decoration, and it is thought to bring good luck. Design depictions may also vary as they reflect traditions, folklore, and practices that are unique to each area. It is traditionally done by girls or women.

Diwali rangoli designs are showcased which makes you diwlai more beautiful with full of blessing in you life.

Here are some patterns of rangoli designs for diwali that you will definitely like to try on upcoming event. I will suggest you to use chalk for a rough design and  then decorate it for a professional touch up.

Padam Design special rangoli for diwali 

Diwali Rangoli design

Padam is the special rangoli for diwali with name of the lotus on which Goddess lakshmi used to Sit. To make this pattern you need heavy quantity of colors, chalk powder or flour and fragrance candles. The main touch up in this is to organize the colors very carefully and heavily. This rangoli design is very easy and looks very beautiful in dark when the candles are being lighted up.

The Swastika with candles rangoli design

diwali simple rangoli designs

This rangoli design is a little typical and you need to be more careful and you should pay more attention while making it. The quantity of colors should be good. This design looks beautiful and symbolize prosperity. It will look great on tiles and marble floor.

Diwali rangoli design with contrast

diwali rangoli designs

To make this design you need a very keen knowledge of color as you need to discriminate between 3 shades of red, saffron and cherry. This design is no easy rangolee design and you need to do a hardwork to create this.

The Diwa and Flame Pattern rangoli design for diwali

special rangoli for diwali

This pattern design resembles of diya and flame and it is a very special Diwali rangoli design. If you enlight some fragrance candle around it will give a very lovely aroma in the house.  

The Flower and Universe design

diwali simple rangoli designs

This a beautiful rangoli design, but not easy to make. It resembles the smallest and the largest beauties at once. A bit of free hand rangoli design.

The Rakhi Pattern rangoli

diwali rangoli design

This beautiful rangoli design can be made by chalk as well as flour. In both of the condition it will look great and this is a special rangoli for diwali

The Beautiful Peacock diwali simple rangoli designs

special rangoli

This design needs a great talent and truly, you can brag upon it. It is moderate design dedicated to our national bid and mythologicaly, peacock was favorite bid of od Krishna.

The Peacock and Peahen designs of rangoli

best diwali rangoli

Same as the above design, this design has its unique beauty and is tributed to love. The couple resembles a happy married life and this special rangoli design is my best rangoli for diwali

The Gold and Black Hexagon rangoli design

diwali design of rangoli

This design is easy to make and look very simple, creative and pretty. All you need, is bunch of colors and some chalks and this diwali rangoli designs makes your diwali perfect

The Blooming Flower

special rangoli design

This design resembles of new joys and happiness of life and is a creative way to express gratitude to the gods.

The Flower and Butterfly rangoli

best design of rangoli

There is always butterflies around the flower which give a very clear message that praises are always around the beauty. The more beautiful rangoli design you create the better compliments you earn.

The orchids around Diwa special rangoli for diwali

rangoli design

Where the diwa resembles the origin of energy and life the orchirds resembles beauty and fragrance of life. This is called art with a message.

The Footprint design of rangoli

special rangoli for diwali 2019

On the occasion of Diwali, the Hindus believe that goddess Lakshmi come to their home and bless them with wealth and prosperity. This rangoli design reminds of the same.

The Blooming diwa

diwali simple rangoli designs

This kind of design is generally made in offices cause it looks fabulous on tile floors.

The heart and Spades special rangoli design for diwali

diwali rangoli designs 2019

A very easy and beautiful design to show the skills and love toward your family members, all you need is some colors and flour on the floor,

The banyan tree design

rangoli design 2019

This design is theme dedicated to nature and a lot of creativity is required.

The circle puzzle design

best design of rangoli 2019

You can simply ask your visitors about how many circles are there in this design. You require a high intellectual intelligency.level to solve this and most beautiful diwali rangoli designs

Easy Square design

simple rangoli

This is a very simple easy rangoli design that even a 4th grade student can draw it.   

The flower Kolam rangoli

simple rangoli 2019

This design is a very simple and small rangoli design. You can easily craft it by just using flour on the floor.

The rose petal rangoli design for diwali

diwali rangoli design 2019

This rangoli design for diwali is very easy and looks very beautiful in dark when the candles are being lighted up. It look best in small area.

The creative diwa design

diwali rangoli designs

The diwa design is a easy design and you an make it by using colors into an empty fevicol keep.


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