Rental property trends to watch in 2021

Demands and trends in the rental property and property investment industry are changing constantly, particularly over the last twelve months as the pandemic as altered everyday way of life for many people.

If you’re a landlord or investor looking to attract more tenants to your apartment or rental home in 2021, take a look at this quick list of shifting trends in the rental market, showing what the average tenant is increasingly looking for in their accomodation. Making these tweaks could help you to optimise your chances of securing tenants, or generally making your property a more attractive and relevant prospect going forward.

Green Space

Perhaps expected following the lockdown that many of us around the world have had to endure over the past twelve months, garden space and general outdoor space has surged to the top of the list as one of the most demanded features from tenants and home buyers looking to make their next big move.

If you’re a landlord or investor that already has a property without adequate green space, or have an offering within an urban area, think creatively about how you can invite the outdoors into the area, perhaps with plants or by making sure any windows providing natural light are unobstructed. RWinvest, an award-winning property company with apartments throughout Liverpool and Manchester, offer rooftop communal gardens as a smart solution to city centre living, providing breathtaking views of the city below while also a place to relax and get some much-needed fresh air.

Eco Friendly Facilities

As city-centers become increasingly dense and packed with people, and concerns of pollution in urban environments continue to grow, more and more tenants moving into cities around the world are looking for homes that can provide them with eco-conscious, modern solutions. This allows them to feel better about their accommodation while also future proofing it, too, and making it a more attractive prospect.

If you want to prepare your apartment or rental home for the future, you might decide to try and integrate some of these popular features. You could start with solar paneling, for instance, or perhaps install an electric charging point for tenants with electric cars living in the city (if applicable). For inspiration, take a look at Element Developments offerings in Liverpool, featuring built-in appliances that can recycle heating and even collect rainwater.

Smart Technology

Having a high-speed internet connection is of course a top priority for pretty much every modern tenant nowadays, but smart technology is also an increasingly growing popular trend among people that want to be in control of their apartment or home. Many modern property developments incorporate automatic lighting and heating for instance, into their designs from the beginning, but if you’re a landlord looking to integrate smart technology into an existing home, there are some relatively simple steps that you can take.

Smart LED lighting and heating, using products such as the Google Home line of products or the Phillips Hue range, can allow you to provide an additional perk to your rental property, making it stand out from the rest and enticing tenants that might be looking to invest in this sort of consumer tech for themselves anyway. Anything that can make your home seem more efficient and streamlined is a plus, and it can also help you as a landlord in managing the property, too.