Restaurant Software – The Essential Guide

In the new normal, restaurants in India are going through challenging times. Unlike the earlier days, it’s just not possible to manage the show with a legacy billing software. Hence it’s an imperative for you to switch to a modern day digital restaurant management software. As per the survey report by ReportLinker, the size of the global restaurant software management market is projected to grow from USD 1,670.06 Million in 2020 to USD 2,635.32 Million by the end of 2025. 


Top benefits of a restaurant management software


Let’s quickly go through how a restaurant management system can help you manage a wide range of functions

Offers contactless dining – 

Nowadays, the restaurant customers are looking for contactless dining options. As per the survey report by ET Hospitality World, in the post-Covid world, 81% of the diners would prefer to use digital menus. Hence, with a cloud based restaurant management system such as Inresto, now diners can reserve the seats at your restaurant. They can order food just by scanning a QR code on their smartphones. 

Thus, digital menus have completely replaced the need to use paper menus touched by multiple people. After having meals customers can make payments using digital wallets. Thus the software provides an absolutely safe, contactless dining environment.

Live tracking of inventory – 

Now track your inventory live from any location, 24/7. Be notified when it’s time to place the fresh orders of stock. As soon you place the order, the stock levels will get updated automatically. With a restaurant inventory management system now witness a drastic reduction in wastage of raw materials. It enables optimum use of inventory and helps curb theft effectively.   

Get valuable insights – 

Among the chain of restaurants you are managing which is the most revenue generating one? Which is the most preferred dish at your establishment? The software provides all such valuable insights and also help collect contact details of customers. Now you can run a personalised marketing campaign with the data available.


Parting Words


In the post pandemic world a restaurant management software is indeed a boon for restaurants to meet the increasing expectations of diners.