Saxon Musk Son of Elon Musk, age, Height, Net Worth, Family

Saxon Musk date of birth is 2006. he’s famed and standard as son of Elon Musk. Saxon is usually photographed along with his father in various photos. He seems principally within the pictures on his father’s Instagram account, still as in news stories concerning the Musk family.

In 2023 saxon musk is 17 years old, focusing on his studies and occasionally appears in public events with his family. His father may be a business baron United Nations agency supported SpaceX and Tesla and served as their corporate executive, CTO, and chief designer. Elon was conjointly named to the Royal Society within the year 2018. Saxon rose to prominence as a results of his father’s celebrity standing. Saxon Musk is standard as Elon Musk’s son.

Saxon Musk Bio

Birth Name – Saxon Musk

Nickname – Saxon

Profession – Student 

Labels – Elon Musk Son

Nationality – American

Saxon Musk is fifteen years recent, having been born in 2006. This celebrity kid was born in us. Aries is his sun sign. Through IVF Saxon Musk, Kai Musk and Damian Musk the triplet boys were born. His famed oldsters got single in Sept 2008, he was another time coated within the news. He appeared in Forbes Magazine at the side of his siblings and father in June of 2018 wherever he was photographed. He has conjointly been photographed aboard his father and stepparent, Talulah Riley, in several news footage.

His father Elon Musk may be a wealthy person. he’s of mixed ancestry and possesses yank citizenship. he’s too young to figure for any quantity of cash. moreover, his father created his wealth once PayPal was sold  to eBay for $1.5 billion in 2002. He follow Christianity as his faith.

Saxon Musk Father, Mother and siblings etc

Saxon oldsters ar Elon Musk’s, Justine Wilson. Saxon is the eldest son of tech billionaire Elon Musk and author Justine Musk. His parents divorced in 2008, and he was raised alongside his siblings, Griffin, Xavier, Damian, Kai, and half-brother X Æ A-Xii Musk. Justine Wilson is his mother name and Elon Musk is his father name. he’s one amongst the triplets born to his oldsters.

His place of birth is us and raised in a very kind of locations, together with North American nation and also the us. he’s a racial individual. His father may be a subject of 3 countries: North American nation, Republic of South Africa, and also the us. By profession his father Elon Musk may be a corporate executive and enterpriser.

  • Father –Elon Musk
  • Mother –Justine Wilson
  • Siblings – Nevada Alexander Musk, Kai Musk, Griffin Musk, Xavier Musk, Damian Musk
Damian Musk
Saxon Musk With her siblings

His mother Justine Wilson may be a well-known Canadian author. Justine Wilson his mother place of birth is in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.. gryphon Musk, missionary Musk, Kai Musk, Damian Musk, and Kyle (X A-12) Musk ar Saxon Musk’s siblings. His twin brothers ar Kai Musk and Damian Musk. Battle Born State Alexander Musk, his elder brother, died at the age of 10 weeks when being born because of sudden  SIDS syndrome (SIDS). Exa Dark Sideræl is his step sister name. His step sister Exa Dark Sideræl was born in December 2021.

His Great-grandparents are music director author Musk, Kore congenital abnormality Robinson, Wyn Haldeman, Joshua Haldeman. His Uncle name is Kimbal Musk. His Grandparents name ar Errol Musk, Maye Musk.

Justine Musk and Battle Born State Alexander Musk

Through her wedding with Elon musk her initial kid a son was born. Her son name was Battle Born State Alexander Musk. Her son Battle Born State Alexander Musk date of birth was 2002 and place of birth is in Orange County, California, USA. He was famed and standard as Elon Musk initial son. At simply ten weeks recent Battle Born State Alexander Musk died.

His death came unexpectedly that his oldsters place him to sleep and once they came, he had stopped respiratory. The paramedics arrived and were able to revive him, however he had been while not element for thus long that his brain was now not operating properly. He was on life support for 3 days till his oldsters turned it off. Rhe reason of his death was sudden  SIDS Syndrome or death. when his death his father had 5 additional youngsters along with his mother Justine Wilson of these youngsters ar born by vitro fertilisation. His oldsters relationship worked for eight years and within the year 2008 they got divorc. The couple shares custody of their 5 children.

Saxon Musk Age

As of 2023, Saxon Musk is 17 years old.

Saxon Musk: Net Worth

Saxon Musk is currently enjoying his parents’ wealth. Elon Musk has an estimated net worth of $151 billion, and Justine Musk has a net worth of around $2 million.

Saxon Musk father relationship with mother Justine Wilson

In the early Nineteen Nineties, Elon musk met Justine Wilson at Queen’s University in Ontario. Their initial date was Associate in Nursing frozen dessert date at the University’s study centre. His oldsters Justin Wilson and Elon Musk met whereas each were students at Queen’s University They went their separate ways that when graduation, however stayed up-to-date and married in January 2000. Battle Born State Alexander Musk, their initial kid, died of sudden  SIDS syndrome (SIDS) barely ten weeks when birth. that they had 5 sons through in-vitro fertilisation over the subsequent 5 years — twins date of birth is 2004 and triplets date of birth is 2006. they need split custody of their 5 boys since their divorce in 2008.

In the year 2008, his father began qualitative analysis English player Talulah Riley, and also the 2 married in 2010. within the year 2012, Elon Musk and Talulah Riley single. They remarried later in 2013, however in December 2014, they filed for a second divorce, that was finally finalized in 2016.

Following that, in 2017, the business baron had a love involvement with Amber detected for many months, despite the very fact that she was still married to Reb Depp at the time. He was conjointly in a very romantic relationship with Tyler Haney.

Elon Musk began qualitative analysis Canadian musician Grimes in could 2018, and also the couple welcome their initial kid, Kyle Musk, in could 2020. He was given the name X A-12 initially, however folks could not discern the way to say it, and it absolutely was conjointly thought of contraband below American state law. The name contained characters that don’t seem to be found in current English, consistent with the laws. He at the side of his previous adult female, Justine Wilson, share custody of their alternative 5 boys.

About His Father Elon Musk

Elon Reeve Musk may be a famed and standard technology enterpriser, investor, Business baron, Inventor, Producer Associate in Nursingd an engineer United Nations agency was born on June twenty eight, 1971 and is fifty years ancient as in 2021. His birthplace is Pretoria, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa and his residence is Bel Air, l.  a.  , California, us. he’s famed and standard as a founder, corporate executive and lead designer of SpaceX/ Co-founder, CEO, and merchandise creator of Tesla, INC / Co-founder and corporate executive of Neuralink/ Co-founder of PayPal. Elon Musk is one amongst the best inventors of the fashionable time, he has fabricated many innovations. the primary conception of hyperloop a high-speed installation in August 2013. On July 20, 2017, Elon Musk proclaimed would be building a hyperloop from ny town to Washington, D.C., and conjointly had verbal approval from the govt. for constant.

He has been spearheading several key comes with SpaceX and Tesla INC. His total wealth is understood to be $23 Billion. he’s an obsessive enterpriser and heads several businesses like Tesla, SpaceX, Solarcity etc. the primary company that Elon Musk cofounded was zip2. With a web price of $2 billion, he was initial featured on Forbe’s Billionaires List within the year 2012.

In the year 2008 Elon musk started qualitative analysis English player Talulah Riley. The couple met one another through The promoter of hard drink Mist, the London-based West End club in Mayfair. They married within the year 2010 when going out on dates various times. Elon Musk and Talulah Riley separated briefly in January 2012, solely to conjoin in July 2013. In late 2016, their second divorce was completed.-

Saxon Musk Height Age and Weight

Saxon Musk Age and Height
Name Saxon Musk
Age 16 Years
Height 5 feet – 2 inches

Saxon Musk Wiki

Saxon Musk Wiki
Birth Name Saxon Musk
Nickname Saxon
Birth Year 2006
Profession Celebrity Child
Birthplace United States
Sun sign Aries
Nationality South African/American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Atheist

Saxon Musk Weight and Body Measurements

Saxon Musk Height, Weight and Body Measurements
Height 5 Feet 2 Inches
Weight 53 Kgs
Body Measurements Not Known
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown

Saxon Musk  Qualifications, Schooling and College

Saxon Musk Qualifications, Schooling and College
Educational Qualifications Studying
School Not Known
College Not Known

Saxon Musk Family Details

Saxon Musk Family Details/ parents/ family background?
Parents /Father Elon Musk
Parents /Mother Justine Wilson
Siblings/ Brothers Name Nevada Alexander Musk, Kai Musk, Griffin Musk, Xavier Musk, Damian Musk
Siblings/ Sisters Name Exa Dark Sideræl
Wife Not Married



  1. Are Kai Musk and Saxon Musk twins? No, Kai Musk and Saxon Musk are triplets, born alongside Damian Musk.
  2. How old is Saxon Musk? Saxon Musk is 17 years old as of 2023.
  3. Who are Saxon Musk’s parents? Saxon Musk’s parents are Elon Musk and Justine Musk.
  4. What is known about Saxon Musk’s education? Saxon attended his father’s private school, Ad Astra.