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Srikala Novels Free PDF download

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Where to download And Read Srikala Novels PDF?

Srikala’s novels, renowned for their emotional and romantic narratives in Tamil literature, can be downloaded and read from several online platforms. We have uploaded the PDF version of Srikala Stories freed from charge downloading. we have a tendency to hope we have a tendency to were able to please your question for Srikala Novels PDF Free download And Install.

How to Download Srikala Novels

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Srikala Novels Free download in PDF

Srikala Novels are the family or romance class tamil stories. Srikala may be a well-known author in tamil literature. She has composed larger than fifty novels and every one those concerning relationship. Srikala has truly been writing simply relating to the family/romance genre. She emotional books by her terribly own magazines.

She has truly printed variety of his books in an exceedingly number of parts, whereby members of the family stories became long novels. Srikala’s the bulk of the novels are glorious romance stories within the Tamil literature. She includes a separate fanbase of Tamil love vogue guests.

About Srikala Novels

Srikala is a renowned author in the Tamil literary scene, known for her romantic novels that are rich in emotional narrative and intricate relationships. Her works are celebrated for their ability to draw readers into worlds filled with love, passion, and drama, reflecting the complexities of human relationships and the myriad facets of the heart. Kallipoo Kadhal may be a tamil love distinctive composed by the well-known tamil author Srikala. She has created fifty books that discusses unit issues and conjointly males and females association issues. She has truly printed a number of his novels in various elements, wherever family novels have over up being long novels.

Several of the most Famous Novels written by Srikala Download Pdf

  • Neeya Naana Novel
  • En Kadhal Pizhai heritable
  • Uraiyatho UyirKathal kanangal
  • Vaan Theda Mathi
  • En Nenjam Neethaane

Srikala Novels PDF Download link

1. Ennai Maranthathen Ennuyire (Srikala novel) by Pengal Thalam

  • Name of Novel: Ennai Maranthathen Ennuyire
  • Language: Tamil
  • Style: Romance
  • Format: Book
  • File Size: 9 Mb

2. Kallipoo Kadhal Novels Srikala

  • Call: Kallipoo Kadhal
  • Language: Tamil
  • Genre: Romance
  • Format: Digital book
  • Submit Dimension: 9 Mb

3. Kanale Katchi Pizhaiyai Kadhal by Srikala Novels PDF

  • Name Of Novel: Kanale Katchi Pizhaiyai Kadhal
  • Language: Tamil
  • Style: Romance
  • Style: Digital book
  • Submit Size: 7.3 MB

4. Neeya Naana By Srikala Novels PDF

  • Name: Neeya Naana by Srikala
  • Language: Tamil
  • Category: Fiction– Family– Romance
  • Style: E-book
  • File Size: eight.2 MB
  • Score: 4.3

5. En Kadhal Pizhai heritable Novel 

  • Name of Novel: nut Kadhal Pizhai heritable
  • Language: Tamil
  • Genre: Romance
  • Style: Ebook

6. Enniluraiyum Uyir heritable

  • Name: Enniluraiyum Uyir heritable
  • Language: Tamil
  • Genre:  Romance
  • Pages: 426 Documents
  • Format: Digital book
  • File Size: eight.5 MB

7. Immayum Neeye Marumayum Neeye

  • Name: Immayum Neeye Marumayum Neeye
  • Language: Tamil
  • Category: Fiction– Family– Love
  • Pages: 483 Papers
  • Style: Digital book

8. Kaanum Yavilum heritable

  • Call: Kaanum Yavilum heritable
  • Language: Tamil
  • Style:  Love
  • Pages:740 Documents

9. Mithra Sahi By Srikala

  • Name: Mithra Sahi
  • Language: Tamil
  • Style: Romance, Fiction
  • Layout: E-book.

10.Neeyindri Naanethadi By Srikala.

  • Name: Neeyindri Naanethadi.
  • Language: Tamil.
  • Style: Love, Fiction.
  • Pages:317.
  • Layout: Ebook.

Nijam Uyir Kol one By Srikala.

  • Name: Nijam Uyir Kol one.
  • Language: Tamil.
  • Category: Love.
  • Pages:421.
  • Format: Pdf

11. Nallathor Veenai Seithe By Srikala.

  • Name: Nallathor Veenai Seithe.
  • Language: Tamil.
  • Genre: Love, Fiction.
  • Pages:150.
  • Format: Book.

12. Nenjam Thaam Kalanthanave By Srikala.

  • Name: Nenjam Thaam Kalanthanave.
  • Language: Tamil.
  • Category: Romance.
  • Layout: Ebook.

13. Mezhuguppaavai Ivalo By Srikala.

  • Name: Mezhuguppaavai Ivalo.
  • Language: Tamil.
  • Genre: Love.
  • Style: Digital book.
  • Submit Size:8 Mb.

14. Oonagi Uyiragi Kadhalagi By Srikala.

  • Name: Oonagi Uyiragi Kadhalagi.
  • Language: Tamil.
  • Genre: Love, Unique, Fiction.
  • Style: Digital book.
  • Submit Size: seven Mb.
  • Rating: 4.1.

15. Nijam Uyir Kol two By Srikala.

  • Name: Nijam Uyir Kol two.
  • Language: Tamil.
  • Genre: Love.
  • Pages:431.
  • Format: Ebook.
  • File Dimension: nine Megabytes.
  • Ranking: 4.1.